Monday, November 21, 2005

where's the computer?

can't post at home and show pictures without a computer! it'll be found soon, i'm sure... i dropped Mei Mei off at the daycare center for the first time and i found that leaving her there, though in good hands, was hard! i dressed her up in her finest Packers outfit, she looked so good! as usual, i know. she's adorable. several other children and parents also had Packer paraphanelia and acoutrements. what fun! i'll go back and check on her later today. Kim is doing her orientation today also! today will be kinda crazy! it's already begun.

Monday, November 14, 2005

have patience!

we still don't have the computer set up at home so i can't post pictures and whatnot yet! dallas has turned THIRTEEN though! jeez... what fun! he is a full inch taller than me too. yikes. he wants to do sports so bad, he's gonna be one strong teenager. we are all settling in pretty well. lot's of work to be done... wow.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


picture taken around 1P.M. today, the day before the game. tim has already parked 'Blue' in the shadow of Lambeau Field but there were at least 4 other vehicles scattered about that had staked a spot too. a short while later as tim and i were taking a beer break, these Steelers fans started harassing us so we invited them over for some cheap brew on us. what fun! by the time that i left at 6, the parking lot was almost full of campers and whatnot from all over Wisconsin, it seemed! what a riot! i'll return, on foot, tomorrow for the best tail-gateing to be had anywhere! this will be great! i hope that it doesn't rain... speaking of rain, the Morales caravan is making good time on their onerous journey to Wisconsin. don't ask Mei Mei though! she's mad! get me out of this stinking seat already! why is no one listening to my screams? yikes. stay tuned.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday night... 11-4-05

today was hazy and dreary... my wife is sick. tempers are running amuck. the dogs are restless. children are crying. the Morales caravan/circus is slowly making it's way in a most ponderous manner towards Green Bay. i just hope that they all make it here safely. that is all that i want. that and for the Packers to kick some Steelers butt! yeah right.