Monday, July 31, 2006

Green Bay Tall Ships Festival!!!

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your probably wondering where the 'Tall Ships' are! you'll just have to click on my pictures link to find out! there's one problem though... i only took a few pictures before the battery died! it was overcast too! bummer! not even an hour after the battery decided to leave me 'high and dry', the sun came out and the ships just looked resplendant! so cool! what fun! Dallas had been rather cranky up until this point! he was in awe at the ships! we learned that some of them give tours and others give summer 'camps'!!!! yippeee! we're sending the kids off for the summer! just kidding. wouldn't that be fun though? we'll look into that for Dallas next year! speaking of sending Dallas off, one of the local racetracks around here has a drag racing program for teenagers! oh yeah baby! i may not be able to afford karting lessons for Dallas but we can certainly go drag racing! he'll have to learn on my truck first though! not much fun but safer! THEN we can cajol mom into lending us her HHR!!! THEN maybe he can learn on my MUSTANG!!! yeah. right. not the Stang! too much power. what am i thinking? my kids are wonderful, that's what!
we've all been extremely busy the last few weeks! i took call for two weeks straight and that nearly killed me! rough! jeez. kim is working a different shift for the moment and that has us all askew. akimbo. whacked out. tired. Dallas is looking forward to going to 8th grade! Mei Mei will be moving to another room in day care too! moving up! our Chihuahua made friends w/a coworkers Chihuahua this past weekend too! grrrr! ours is female and unfixed, theirs is male and fixed. what fun! we'll go there again. Dallas has one of his friends over for the night and they'll be up playing xbox all night but in the meantime, i need to prepare the house for my brothers arrival tomorrow! him and his girlfriend will arrive sometime in the afternoon. just in time to beat the heat! this weather has been worse than that of central florida! even my cohorts in Hays don't have it this bad! that's right. Kansas has nothing on this heat right now! we have had 100 degree days W/NEARLY 100 PERCENT HUMIDITY!!! take THAT! ouch. by wednesday though, the forcast calls for a high of 71. go figure. that's July upnort fer ya!
well, gotta keep cleaning, folding, vacuuming, wiping, eating, drinking, washing... i've got a long night ahead of me still.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

K&N install on my 2006 HHR!

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holy smokes people! i should have taken pictures from beginning to end but i really didn't think that a 'simple' filter replacement would take me several hours! granted, i've never done it on an HHR but, really! what a pain! what i thought was a simple engine cover, wasn't. this IS the air housing! the screws that hold this contraption together are behind and underneath the apparatus! no, that's not all! there are two other nuts that need to be removed down by the engine block! realistically, i should have removed the two nuts FIRST! then disconnect the various air hoses and electrical bits that are attatched to the box. there is one screw that i thought should have been removed (i nearly stripped it) but didn't need to be. what a pain! it just goes on and on... oh yes, i used a 1/8 inch hex key, which i lost in the back of the engine somewhere. the screws ARE NOT hex heads! they are those funky star shaped thingies! folks, please use the proper tools! next up will be a cat-back exhaust from Magnaflow! good stuff. i love it!