Saturday, April 07, 2012

At Home

At Home by Snapshots by ©Nixy J Morales
At Home, a photo by Snapshots by ©Nixy J Morales on Flickr.

Mei Mei took this picture of my using my old EVO cellphone. I wish that she would take more pictures with the camera that I purchased for her! Perhaps in time she will. She is growing up so stinking fast! Almost 8 as I write this... Precious girl.

She will need braces & dental work soon! We had our 1st ortho appointment, using the same doctor that Dallas used since they already know us. The doctor is excited to have her as a patient, he sees lots of dollar signs! Kidding. We love that office, they are all great but Mei Mei will be needing years of dental work. I need to ask my mother for a little monetary assistance. Yikes. Life is good though! No complaints...

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Light Painting

I'm still playing around with photography though I'm not very good at it! So I just take 'snapshots', hence my watermark. It's fun!

Dallas is doing well in San Antonio! He's more excited to finish his advanced training so that he can head out to Japan. Yes, Japan. WE'RE GOING TO JAPAN!!!!!!!!! He'll head there in September or so, the rest of us? Who knows. Details are not hammered out yet. Can you believe that Dallas picked healthcare? Wow. I write to him every week and tell him about how stuff is going here at home. I can't wait to hear about all the cool things that he will be studying! I told him that pretty soon, he'll be teaching me stuff! He likes that. I'm so proud of that boy, you have no idea. Love him.