Friday, September 30, 2005

homecoming weekend in Green Bay!

this is a crazy tradition that they have here! there are hundreds of homes across the green bay area that are papered up like this! rich or poor! it doesn't matter the home! it's pretty funny to see really! see my cheese hat? i have it in the van and with me at all times! this is a nice area but still hectic. i drove out to my new prospective home out in luxemburg and, boy, what a difference! it's country out there! apples and orchards abound! i love it! i saw my first deer since i left kansas! i'm slowly coming around. gonna go eat at a friday fish fry now! see you all later! tomorrow is the heart walk... how ironic! i'm trying hard to change my eating habits but i can't do it all in one day! love that fish!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Packer Sunday!

today i awoke to the soft sound of rain... i slept pretty good too, no crazy dreams! i love the sound of rain though! don't you? it's very pleasing. the weather is def. getting a 'fall' feel to it now as the daytime temps are hovering in the 60's and at night it can dip into the upper 30's! wonderful! i was invited to go to Lambeau Stadium to see the Packers play today! yeah baby! no tailgating for me today! i am IN! for only 55 bucks. i had an apple for breakfast/brunch around 10 this morning and then by 11 Tim drove me to his sisters place where we were all to meet before the big game. she made some monster angus burgers for all of us and then drove us to the field which was just a few blocks away. it felt like i was going to Daytona for a big race or to Indy for a Formula 1 race! cars and people everywhere! we actually walked back from the game as it would have been impossible to drive out! gridlock! in any case, the rain barely let up and there is a pervasive fog that refuses to lift and gives the whole landscape an ethereal feel to it. this is great! the game itself was fun too even though we lost! the crowd was so loud that i had to take my headphone/radio contraption off as i was getting a headache! it was a sea of yellow and green everywhere you looked. i only saw a few tampa bay buccaneer fans walking around. i thought that they might get clobbered but the crowds were civil, though loud and very animated. it was really neat to see all the players in person and Brett Favre too. green bay will get better as the season progresses! they have too many rookies! what fun! now i am back 'home' and i helped Tim take out a garage door and put in a new one. not the big up-and-down one! a side door! i feel pretty handy! this has been a good weekend. i didn't know what i was going to do but everything worked out pretty good! i can't complain. i will go see the casinos on another day. they will always be around! gonna go eat now... catch you all later!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday! 9-23-05

the weekend is upon me once again! what am i gonna do? hit the local casino houses of course! the American Indian nations have casinos everywhere! this should be fun! i want to see the Oneida Nation! how many tribes are there around here anyway? i gotta find out! there are Mexicans and Vietnamese (Hmong) too. you know what that means, right? lot's of good ethnic restaurants, of course! what did you think? i am going to buy a fishing rod and go fish the local Fox river too! i can't wait for my family to get here so that Dallas can show me how to fish! just wait until he actuall SEES the fish out here! northern pike, trout, salmon, bass, perch, walleyes and other whatnots abound! so tasty! you know what i haven't seen out here yet though? deer! every evening in Kansas was almost guaranteed to see deer feeding in the fields but out here there are too many trees! i saw a bunny this morning though! one single solitary bunny... he ought to move to Kansas where there seem to be millions! there are tons of squirrels out here though! i love the chipmunks! haven't seen any birds of prey either. coyotes? yeah right. there are however black bear roaming around! elk and moose are said to roam the upper reaches of the state too. maybe i'll go skulking through the woods and capture some on film fer ya! how bout dem apples!? speaking of apples! i can't get enough of them out here! i love apples! i love trees! i need to get out more! i need to go now...

Thursday, September 22, 2005

will this be our new house?

so i've looked at this property twice now and although i have mixed feelings about it (it's almost 100 years old, i am told), i really like it! so does Kim and she's only seen the pictures! it's on three well manicured acres less than 30 minutes from green bay and st vincent hospital, where i work. 2 story, 2400 sq ft, full basement. brick home on a very solid foundation. all windows replaced recently and 200 amp service upgrade done throughout. when you look closely, you can tell that the house is older but from afar or just walking through on a quick tour? nope. very nice. it's a dollhouse! all the outbuildings are clean! nary a spider web to be found! amazing. the other homes that i've looked at have tons of spiderwebs all over the basement and outbuildings galore! i like it! we just need to put a fence around where we would put the horses and voila! instant hobby farm! i took about 102 photographs of the place on my last outing and some video too for kim to see, perhaps i'll post some to flickr for all ya'll to see! all ya'll? jeez louise! anyway... it's bedtime! i need to get up an hour earlier due to a heavy friday workload. my previous post? not sad or melancholic, just felt like it. it came to me so don't be afraid that i am gonna get depressed or something like that! i just miss my family! is that so wrong?! hmmm... a poet i am not nor am i good with dictum but it's fun to try! good night every one! it will be in the 40's tonight and 60's during the day! woohoooo! i love it! i hear that it is still in the mid 90's in kansas! good riddance. good night.

I miss you...

i don't know what you are doing right now but i miss you... i'm not doing anything right now but thinking of you. as i drive around this big city, alone, i think of you and i want to share my thoughts and emotions with you! i want you to see and experience what i am experiencing! i want to share my joys and my sorrows, my triumphs and tribulations, the good times and the bad. i know that you are doing well and so am i but we are not together and that does not make me happy. i do not feel whole. i need you. the leaves are changing color, did you know that? the geese are starting there long migration south and they are not alone! the world around us is in constant motion and yet i feel like i am standing still. i am oblivious and yet acutely aware of my surroundings and the changes that are happening all around me. i hear your stories and i yearn to be there too! i need to hold you and hear your soothing voice whisper softly in my ear. as we follow this crazy tortured path, i know that your road and mine will soon meet somewhere in the as yet unforseen distance and that gives me hope. i know and understand that our paths must run parallel lines and that you are feeling the same as i but that knowedge does not alleviate the empty space that i feel in my chest every day. i yearn to listen to your voice each and every day. i thrive on your words and they give me sustenance and keep me afloat on this empty island. i have faith and i have hope but even more importantly, i have you and that is all that matters! we will be together once more and will be stronger than ever! i can feel it! we must continue on this parallel continuum for some time still but when our paths meet again, we will be overcome with joy and satisfaction! we will lay down our roots and finally be able to grow into what we know to be our destiny as a strong and cohesive family! we have always been able to rise above it all and so we are doing it yet again even when it has been thrust upon us in a most unwelcome manner. it was not fair but we will build on it and let the experience strengthen us and bind us inexorably together. this is our path, our legacy. i miss you. i love you. i look forward to seeing you again every day. be strong, my love! the seasons may change but my love for you will not, cannot! i am but a thousand miles away! what is that distance to me compared with the knowledge of spending the rest of my life with you? i live for you, fight for you, work hard every day for you. my family gives me strength, hope and love... for that i thank you, love you and cherish you. forever. as you lay your head down to sleep tonight, look out of the window into the dark star-filled night and know that i am doing the same. see that twinkle? it is a reflection of my eyes! sweet dreams! see you soon! i miss you...

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Saturday 9-17-05

miscellaneous ramblings! i like it up here! i will absolutely love it when MY FAMILY arrives! everything can get so complicated! nevertheless... i had my first crab apple since i was about 10 years old! i took it from a house that i went to go see with my realtor! i love crab apples! so will Dallas! i was very excited as i love apples! there are tons of cool looking trees out here. i love all the colors! i even plucked a weed that had pretty berries on it! speaking of berries, there is a huge cranberry festival out here somewhere i hear is very good to go and participate! that's all i know about it. hot air balloons are taking flight too! isn't that awesome? i also love the way people talk out here! i love their accent! i wonder what i would sound like now if i had stayed in michigan for a few more years? hmmm... there was something else that i wanted to say! it's lost in my bitty little brain somewhere now and i'll remember when i am at work or far from a computer. everyone going to watch this sunday's Green Bay Packer game? you bet that i will be watching! i never follow professional sports much but living here i gotta learn this packer thing thoroughly! even better yet, one of my favorite race tracks is less than two hours away! I can go and watch CART, Trans Am, ALMS, Ferrari clubs, Porche clubs, Camaro, Corvette and who know who else race here! tons of things to do again! i need to bring my Mustang up here with me! what fun! oh yes, my hosts are awesome and i am extremely grateful to them for letting me stay here with them instead of incuring heavy hotel costs! they also cook lots of good stuff! i'm gonna get fatter if i am not careful! so much good food everywhere! Tim and I have been installing his engine in his old truck too. i haven't worked on a motor in years! we rented a movie last night that we thought was a comedy... team america, world police or something like that. i was all puppets (marionets) but with heavy graphic violence, extreme profanity and explicit sex scenes! all done with puppets! hello! what the? amazing. even the theme song which was pro United States was heavy on the profanity! was this a political movie? screw the world! the U.S. is the best! amazing. don't rent it! whew. i need to go to be now! call my wife! then read a good book to prepare for the sleep to follow. someone please purchase our place in McCracken!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Thursday 9-15-05

i'm feelin' pretty good right now! just came back from brett favre's restaurant where i had some awesome jambalaya and godiva chocolate liqueur with my fellow coworkers. mmm, mmm, mm! it was a good day anyway, awesome weather, just the right amount of work and a phone call to the wife! can't complain! i was thinking though, i haven't had the same sense of pride and general fuzzy feeling about working here though... when i went to hays, i had a tremendous swelling of pride! i felt good to be there! granted, i knew that there was something fundamentaly wrong there but it was a vague undercurrent that i didn't think would rise up and snatch me away the way that it did! spit me out like so many others... that should not happen here! i just don't have that same sense of pride. i'm not sure why. perhaps it is because i came against my will, so to speak. it is an awesome place and the cardiology program is growing like mad and i am learning a lot! my coworkers are awesome too but i haven't yet 'clicked'. it will take time and some effort on my part, of course. the area is beautiful! when i was living in michigan, i was happy. i should be happy here! Dallas and Mei Mei will love it! ice fishing, snow mobiling, all sorts of winter activities! summer hiking, camping, fishing, water parks too. there are things to do year round. lot's of things! museums, malls, theatres, etc abound too. heck, just sit by the fox river and watch the big ships go by and do their thing. bird watching? ton's of that too. the canadian geese are moving all over the place right now! what a sight! the trout are said to be coming soon too! i remember fishing trout, bass, salmon and whatnot with dad when i was Dallas' age and loving it! this will be great! Kim will find some excellent horse people and activities here too! it won't compare to mccracken though. can't walk your sheep down main street here! sorry honey! i'm trying to find a nice big brick house with wood floors for ya! 3-5 lush green acres and some fruit trees will round out the picture. perhaps a pond or a stream too... time will tell, i need to be patient. that is proving to be difficult! i have a wonderful family and i miss them! hurry up gang! put a fire under that realtor! i'm harrassing mine! that's for sure. what else? i don't know. life is good, really. tomorrow will be a busy day. this weekend is the packer's home game! i'll be tailgating with the rest of the city! perhaps i'll take some pictures if i remember! then we'll come back home for kickoff at 3:15 cst. the waiting list for season tickets or whatever they are is said to be about 20 years as every child that is born is put on the list! packermania is very pervasive here! what fun! stay tuned!

Saturday, September 10, 2005


o.k. kids. this is it! i am getting tons of crap on my comments from spammers so i have to turn on word verification! sorry gang but i gotta protect my stuff! and delete the detritus! jeez. i hope that you understand... njm

Saturday night!

it's saturday night and i am happy to report that i will be leaving this hotel tomorrow! a coworker offered to put me up at his place free of charge until my family arrives! prayers are being anwered! life is good! by the way chel-bug, thank you for all of your support! i love you! i have long distance support! today was a good day! i spoke with mom and she is in good spirits today too. her sister has a lot of support from friends and family also to help them through such a difficult time. jake, i know how you feel! what an incredible time this is for all of us! isn't it crazy? unbelievable... i miss my family! i won't recognize my kids when i see them again! dallas will be another inch or so taller and Mei Mei, well, who knows! she will probably be talking! on another note, i saw some beautiful homes yesterday! did i mention this already? i think that i did! today i spent all day with my new adoptive family working on a truck. we are pulling the old motor out and putting in a fresh crate motor that he just bought. what fun! i haven't done that in years! also, my friend Elliott called and we talked for awhile. him and his wife are doing well and working hard. they love their new home. wow. i need to go to bed! or at least pack up all my junk so that i can leave before check out time tomorrow! g'nite all!

Friday, September 09, 2005

It's Friday!

so what is going on out there in the world? hello? anyone out there? there are tons of people out here in green bay, i know but what about the world that i just left behind? it's silent... hmmm. in any case, i had a good day today! my first 'week' at work! done. over with. let's move on! oh yes, i need to go through orientation first! like they say in hays, i need to get 'orienTATED'! the hospital didn't orientate me yet so i am not orientated yet. no scrubbing for me yet! i looked at three homes tonight also. they are so beautiful! all this beautiful grass, trees, fruit and vegetables growing everywhere! horses, cow and sheep abound too! this is so nice! where is my wonderful family to share this with? i haven't taken any more pictures so you can't see them on here yet either! i have been slacking or shirking my duties! i just went to the restaruant here at the Inn and it used to be the ticket office for the Green Bay Packers and Vince Lombardi's office too! neat restaurant/bar! you should see the wood door to the office! medieval! heavy! awesome. friday night all you can eat fish fry night is popular out here! i'm going to die soon because i just learned that my cholesterol is climbing over 240! can you say diet? lifestyle change? statins? jeez! can you believe it?! then i had to have fried fish tonight... NICE NIXY!!! WAY TO GO!!! idiot! jeez! come get your dinner you fat lard! well kids, i'm going to go walk by the waterfront then sit on a bench and read some. watch a ship or two go by. whatever. i LIKE this place! g'nite.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


today stunk. i was not a happy camper. it was slow and boring so i was a little melancholic. too much time to think! i love and miss my family big time... then i got the news that a family member died today.... i almost lost it. i did not need that! mom tried to cheer me up and encourage me positively, i love my mother. you know what broke the spell? chatting online with my son! even Mei Mei got in on the action a little! now i feel good! i feel refreshed. tired, yes, but happy and content. i feel like going to bed though! i'm tired! i wonder why... now where did i put my latest terry brooks book?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wednesday 9-7-05

not too bad today... tried to get in there and do something! you know?! yesterday was chaos, today was better. i don't understand yet what these coworkers of mine are trying to do though. where is the schedule? oh, printed in the morning. where are the patient folders? we don't have 'em. huh? what are all these boxes? stuff that needs to find a home. o.k. kinda crazy if you ask me! i'll get the hang of it. eventually! good bunch, really. the cath labs are new and some of the docs are too so everyone is learning and working hard. after work, i headed down the street to interview the childrens center again and do a walk-through. the building has been around for what, over a hundred years? i love the look of it! there is plenty of staff to go around too! these kids are never alone or ignored that's fer sure! i like it. very friendly and flexible! then i decided to go to barnes and noble to return something but after i did that, i took a wrong turn and my return trip to the hotel was about a thirty plus mile trip! it's been raining too and that didn't help things one bit. i live in a big bustling city now! all of 100plus thousand people in green bay alone. then there are all of the adjoining towns that interconnect... jeez. oh well. tons of traffic. helter skelter. go, go, go! THAT i will miss about hays and surrounding area, like my utopia in McCracken! calm and serene with an excellent restaurant down the street where everyone knows my name... i wonder what tomorrow will bring? i will learn a lot! the hospital was established in 1888 and now the cardiology department is expanding in a big way! i love it! i can't wait for fall, winter and spring. my favorite time of year. stay tuned folks! i love ya...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

First day in Green Bay...

well folks, i may it just fine. i am happy to be here and yet melancholic too as i left my family behind. anyone interested in 60 acres? anyone know of a place i can buy or rent here in green bay? let us know! it was a good and beautiful drive out here though! i kinda stair stepped my way up here and it took me 16 hours over two days. i stopped sunday night at midnight and then picked back up monday morning at 6:30 to arrive at green bay by 1. not bad! there were tons of places that i would've loved to have stopped to see but since i had no idea what my time would be like, i didn't stop at places like the SPAM museum! shucks! oh well. i am just thankful that i arrived in one piece and i am healthy! i currently reside in a hotel by the waterfront too! scenic! as of yet, i have not heard a dj play two songs at one time or a commercial over a song like 103.3 does in hays! i won't have to hear the jeweler commercial anymore either! drove me nuts! i need to do a complete turnaround on my cathlab routines too as they do things very differently here too. there are three physician GROUPS instead of just three physicians! the equipment is different, the protocols are different... so much fun! i love learning new things but the first week is always the toughest. hugs to my close friends in hays! you know who you are...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sunday 9-4-05

I have the most beautiful daughter in the world! She is very industrious today! Busy, busy, busy! Very talkative too... How adorable. Last night, Kim took me on a romantic horse-drawn cart ride into the sunset! I love my family! Dallas has a friend over and they spend the time on the X-box, at the pool, outside horsing around or watching tv. Good kids! I want to take this opportunity to ask my friends and family to pray for us on our new adventures! I will miss Hays and the good people that we are leaving behind. I have learned much here! Thank you gang! My next post will be from Green Bay! Stay tuned! Much love to you all! njm

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Headin' to Wisconsin!

This is it folks! I am officially done! I accepted the offer from St Vincent Hospital in Green Bay and will be starting on Tuesday! That means that I leave Monday... So soon! Don't know when I'll post after that though! I'm shaking right now! Nerves! Hungry! gotta go!