Thursday, September 22, 2005

will this be our new house?

so i've looked at this property twice now and although i have mixed feelings about it (it's almost 100 years old, i am told), i really like it! so does Kim and she's only seen the pictures! it's on three well manicured acres less than 30 minutes from green bay and st vincent hospital, where i work. 2 story, 2400 sq ft, full basement. brick home on a very solid foundation. all windows replaced recently and 200 amp service upgrade done throughout. when you look closely, you can tell that the house is older but from afar or just walking through on a quick tour? nope. very nice. it's a dollhouse! all the outbuildings are clean! nary a spider web to be found! amazing. the other homes that i've looked at have tons of spiderwebs all over the basement and outbuildings galore! i like it! we just need to put a fence around where we would put the horses and voila! instant hobby farm! i took about 102 photographs of the place on my last outing and some video too for kim to see, perhaps i'll post some to flickr for all ya'll to see! all ya'll? jeez louise! anyway... it's bedtime! i need to get up an hour earlier due to a heavy friday workload. my previous post? not sad or melancholic, just felt like it. it came to me so don't be afraid that i am gonna get depressed or something like that! i just miss my family! is that so wrong?! hmmm... a poet i am not nor am i good with dictum but it's fun to try! good night every one! it will be in the 40's tonight and 60's during the day! woohoooo! i love it! i hear that it is still in the mid 90's in kansas! good riddance. good night.

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