Sunday, September 25, 2005

Packer Sunday!

today i awoke to the soft sound of rain... i slept pretty good too, no crazy dreams! i love the sound of rain though! don't you? it's very pleasing. the weather is def. getting a 'fall' feel to it now as the daytime temps are hovering in the 60's and at night it can dip into the upper 30's! wonderful! i was invited to go to Lambeau Stadium to see the Packers play today! yeah baby! no tailgating for me today! i am IN! for only 55 bucks. i had an apple for breakfast/brunch around 10 this morning and then by 11 Tim drove me to his sisters place where we were all to meet before the big game. she made some monster angus burgers for all of us and then drove us to the field which was just a few blocks away. it felt like i was going to Daytona for a big race or to Indy for a Formula 1 race! cars and people everywhere! we actually walked back from the game as it would have been impossible to drive out! gridlock! in any case, the rain barely let up and there is a pervasive fog that refuses to lift and gives the whole landscape an ethereal feel to it. this is great! the game itself was fun too even though we lost! the crowd was so loud that i had to take my headphone/radio contraption off as i was getting a headache! it was a sea of yellow and green everywhere you looked. i only saw a few tampa bay buccaneer fans walking around. i thought that they might get clobbered but the crowds were civil, though loud and very animated. it was really neat to see all the players in person and Brett Favre too. green bay will get better as the season progresses! they have too many rookies! what fun! now i am back 'home' and i helped Tim take out a garage door and put in a new one. not the big up-and-down one! a side door! i feel pretty handy! this has been a good weekend. i didn't know what i was going to do but everything worked out pretty good! i can't complain. i will go see the casinos on another day. they will always be around! gonna go eat now... catch you all later!

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:) said...

how exciting!!!! You should write a book about life in the big city from the eyes of a former small-community citizen... miss you!