Wednesday, January 23, 2008

my daddy...

ok folks, today, wednesday the 23rd of jan dad is very sick. he has a fever and is nauseous big time. please keep him in your thoughts and prayers for those of you who pray... Migdalia is there w/him as much as she can and i am extremely thankful for that! mom drops by too when she can. i am glad that dad has people that visit him and drop by as human interaction is very important. tonight, my last patient was a 'crash and burn' patient from the emergency room and came to us intubated and unresponsive. by the time that we were done, due in part to our wonderful nurse and team, he was responding to external stimuli. he also has family that was w/him in the hospital and i sincerely believe that it will make the difference between life and death for that man. people who have family and friends who make it a priority to actually visit do much better than the lonely patient.

my family is getting together in Puerto Rico in July! i wish that i could go... but again, my dad is my priority! i'll be w/you all in spirit (or on the web!).

love you all!


Sunday, January 20, 2008

ice forming on my eyebrows/lashes

i went out around 3 pm today to check on the horses and give them all water and i found out that 1) it is very windy!!! 2) there is about 1hr worth of work to do out here! 3)my eyes are freezing shut!! perhaps if i wasn't full of hot air... i put the dogs out to run outside for awhile while i worked but about 10 minutes later i brought them back in. they just aren't used to this! i am even putting Cotton and Winslow in the barn at night due to the extreme low temps. wow.

now back inside the safe confines of our home, i can finish doing the laundry. Dallas started dinner! the dogs are playing. life is good.


yup, it's really cold out today!

hey Dell! it's even colder in your hometown out there in Minesotta! yikes!

i'd like to say that i am not going outside to do anything at all but that would not be correct! i need to go out and fill the water trough w/water for the horses and sheep! i need to check to make sure that the electric fence has not been compromised and that everything opens and closes properly! aaaaah... life on the barn. farm. whatever. fun! i love it.

heck, the Green Bay Packers will be outside playing in this weather! yes, we WILL take the New York Giants down! trust me on this! it'll probably be a relatively quick game as i don't think that very many time-outs will be called! the huddles may be short and the play action quick and brisk! crazy! my family and i will be watching from the comfort of our home. oh yeah. no tailgating for us! we'll be there in spirit.

well, i need to keep working on the laundry. i'd like to make some bread today too. my allergies are kicking my butt though and i seriously want to take a long nap.

don't forget to pray for my dad folks! he's back in the hospital getting more chemo treatments.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

another sun 'ray'

another sun 'ray'
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so calm and serene around here! i just absolutely love winter! so beautiful. tomorrow will not be so calm though if the storm that's headed this way hits the area! we should see half a foot of snow by the time that it leaves! ouch. schools will be closed too! Dallas is very upset. right. he's already inviting friends over! umm... Dallas? school will be closed due to treacherous conditions son! your friends will not be travelling here just to see you play xbox. nuh uh. no way kiddo. you and Mei Mei will watch Cinderella movies and drink hot chocolate! curl up w/the dogs on the couch! we'll need a shovel on our atv! this shoveling snow by hand kinda stinks! it's not like we have a tiny driveway! we don't live in the city ya know. yup. need a plow fer the atv!

don't forget to watch the Green Bay Packers kick some New York Giants butt this weekend! we're goin to the superbowl! hopefully! do NOT call us on sunday! just kidding. it'll be fun though!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

night time snow!

night time snow!
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let it snow! let it snow! let it snow! oh yeah. i love it!

dad is back in the hospital getting round the clock chemo. pray for him please!

Dallas and Mei Mei are doing very well thank you very much! enjoying the snow and that makes me happy. my family makes me happy! kim hates the snow but whatcha gonna do? sorry hun. let's get a plow for our atv! that'll make a huge difference. ouch.

my friend Amanda had a baby! congratulations! they live way out in England! so happy for them!

my friend Elizabeth had another baby now too! congratulations are in order for them also! they live in o-town and this is their second child. wow.

i'm tired...