Friday, February 15, 2008

my pops!

my pops!
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So here he is, still in the hospital - but ALIVE!!!
can we have an amen? a yipeee? a hurray? oh yeah. we
thought that he would be discharged today, Friday day
after Valentines day but that is not to be. He was
just informed that his platelet count dipped a little
again (even though they hung a unit yesterday) so he
will remain in the hospital for perhaps yet another
day. I was hoping to be able to drive him home! It
would have made my day! That's o.k. though, I am happy
to be able to see him and talk to him! he's alive and
that is what counts. i saw his chest x-ray from when
he had the pneumonia and let me tell you, it was
BAD!!! very scary! i've seen some nasty pneumonia
pictures in my day but, #1) they were not my family
and #2) they did not have leukemia!!! it's a
completely different ballgame when your loved one is
involved! that is why in medicine you cannot take care
of a loved one because of bias! yikes. dad had been
given last rites and prayers. no one thought that he
would last through the weekend. at one point, he
thought that he was drowning since he could not catch
his breath and his heart started racing, he was going
into a panic! a heart rate of 140 while that sick is
not good. the doctors ended up haning NINE different
antibiotics at one time! they were all flowing in at
max rate. that alone could have killed him! he had
oxygen going full blast and they were giving him lasix
to try to remove fluids from his lungs. that weekend
was very tense/intense for all involved, let me tell
you! i had no idea how bad the situation was by simply
talking to his wife and to my mother. no idea at all.
i knew that the situation was bad, but i did not worry
too much. i knew that he was (is) in good hands.

i'll be headed over to his room in just a few minutes
again to spend a few more hours with him today. he
gets tired pretty easily still but he is walking
around as much as he can and eating as best as he can!
i love my pops! i am so thankful to all of the staff
that helped take care of him and everyone that prayed
for him. thankful to God too since w/out Him, I know
that dad would not be around right now. wow. awesome.

love you dad!!! see you soon!!! ;-)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

my dad

so my dad is getting better. again. this is worse than a bad roller coaster ride! i can only imagine what dad is going through! i pray for him every day. i miss him! i want him to be around for another 30 years! he's only in his sixties fer cryin out loud folks! is that too much to ask? really. this time, his chemo regimen is really taking a toll on him and he is very tired. weary. rather downtrodden too. can't blame him as he's been fighting off the leukemia for over a year now. i don't want him to give up the good fight and i can't help but wonder, what would i do in his place? would i still be fighting or would i have given up by now? i've always thought of my father as a strong person and his fight only reinforces that belief. i believe in you dad! i'm going to go and visit the week of the 10th of this month as i can't wait any longer to see him. he has pneumonia now too and that could very well spell disaster in an instant. last night, mom left a message on my cellphone that said that the pneumonia is resolving and he is feeling better but i can't take the chance to wait until spring. i would never forgive myself if he passed away! never.

hang in there pops! i'm gonna go see you soon and put a big ol bear hug on ya!

i love you.