Saturday, March 29, 2008

walking into the sunset...

walking into the sunset...
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it's nice to be able to finally get out and take a nice walk!!! it may still be a little chilly because of the wind but ya can't complain! it's so stinking beautiful out here! i love it. miss the snow, sure, but love spring nonetheless. we can go out and walk in comfort and we will be hitting the local (some not so local) dog shows and expos too! today, Saturday, we all went to the Pet Expo at the Resch center here in Green Bay (Brown Cty, WI) with Charlie, our standard poodle. Tomorrow we will go with the Afghan too! no kids though. i was not able to take very many pictures because my Kodak DX6490 is pretty old and can't handle the relatively low light that is present in the arena. i will post some pictures tomorrow but don't hold your breath! Dallas ended up taking most of them as i tend to make more blurry shots than he does! he'll be inheriting this camera from me when i upgrade! he takes some neat pictures let me tell you!

speaking of Dallas, he may still be fighting school cause he's a teenager but he really has a knack for building things out of, well, not much. he can still build a mean lego city, or car, or ship, or whatever he feels like whipping up! he asked me to bring him a bunch of boxes and so i obliged thinking that it was for school but he ended up making forts, outhouses, tiers, bridges and other whatnots to go along with the models that he's been putting together for the roleplaying game 'Warhammer'. pretty cool kid! i like it! a couple years back we tried to revive my love of model rockets and cars but we never went anywhere with that... oh well! Dallas is very talented though he may tell you otherwise. he's 15! that's what they do and say. right? nobody believes him and nobody likes him either. crazy.

well, it's time to groom the afghan and the poodle for tomorrow so i'll catch you w/you all later! don't forget to click on my 'pictures' link!