Sunday, October 04, 2009

Look into the Orb

Look into the Orb
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Purchased a new lens! A Canon EF 50mm f/1.4! Love it! Now I have to master a fixed focal length prime lens so my learning curve has been reset. Starting all over again! This is just more fun than anyone should have! Don't forget to check out my Twitter posts or my Flickr photostream! It all comes together in Facebook...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beauty & the Grunge photo shoot

Just a reminder that I am still uploading photographs to the Flickr website! It's just that I no longer just emphasize my kids! I'm branching out. Learning new things! Better techniques! Maximizing what I have...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Haven't been blogging much lately! Last post in January? Wow. Been busy w/life. Work. Family. Even photography has taken somewhat of a backseat! Dad is taking up my thoughts as he continues to battle leukemia. I recently went to see him for the weekend and, once again, he is improving but fighting depression. Can you imagine fighting a debilitating disease for THREE YEARS!? Nope. Neither can I.

The kids are growing up just fine! Healthy, smart & funny. Normal kids! Registered Mei Mei for school! Purchased a 1992 Honda Accord (stick shift!) 2 door for Dallas and he is set to get his license in the coming months! A job too! Growing up fast. Amazing and wonderful.

Life is good! Still married to my beautiful and wonderful Kimberly!

Check out my Flickr page from time to time...

Friday, January 30, 2009


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My children are growing up so fast! Dallas is driving now and midway through highschool! Mei Mei will soon be in school too! I can't believe that I will be 40 years old soon! How amazing is that?! I remember when my PARENTS were talking about the very same subject! They are now just past the 60 year mark and doing just fine, thank you. Life is amazing and I cherish every single day and thank God for it. I am so thankful for my wonderful family. My supportive wife is truly special. Dallas, past the 6'4" mark, is not into smoking, drugs, gangs or otherwise selfdestructive behaviour! Just has a tough time doing homework and what teenage boy doesn't? It's just no fun. He loves snowboarding though and purchased his own recently! Soon he'll even hold a job. Good times. We are working on Mei Mei's ABC's and proper pronunciation of words like 'teeth' (not TEEF). Tricky things for a 4 year old! Such great kids. I'm blessed.

My photography is something that I have taken up in full force! I take my Canon XSi everywhere that I go because one just never knows what is going to happen around you! My crazy kids, zippy dogs and beautiful wife are all game to my lens. I upload pictures to Flickr every single day, some silly and some serious. I submitted a photograph to Calumet Photo for their Time Frames series commemorating the inauguration of Barack Obama and guess what? The photograph made it into their online video! YAY!! See it, and the other amazing photographs that made it into their video at

I am so lucky...