Friday, May 26, 2006

on life, and Luther...

Why are we being punished? Why did Luther have to die? The last few years have been extremely trying times, to say the least. Now THIS? Why? It's not fair. Kim is devastated. This was her baby! Her Mighty Fortress! The leaning tower of Luther. You'd know what I mean if you ever met him, or any other Borzoi for that matter! I always thought that HE was going to finish ME off with all that hair! I was so allergic to that dog... But I too miss him dearly. I finally broke down and had a good cry after work tonight. I was researching plaques, stones, garden monuments and I just couldn't hold back any more. Damn dog! Dogs are my weak spot. I love all dogs. Even those that annoy me or threaten to give me an asthma attack! Those that pee and poop inside the house (they all do) or eat your food or lick you on the mouth are all game to me. I love dogs! I even play Nintendogs on my DS. Luther was special though! He was big and dumb! All fluff and big goofy woof! Oogly eyes! Crazy huffing dog. He was a very sweet, lovable lap dog. Yes, he always thought that he was a small cuddly lap dog as he was raised by 7 Jack Russell Terriers! You should have seen him the first time that he was in the ring! Talking and jumping about! Just like a Jack Russell puppy! It made everyone, including the judge, laugh but it surely didn't get him anywhere that day! Don't forget to check out the 'pictures' link to see some dog pix! Luther and friends... I miss him so much. Damn dog. I want to let Tammy and Tony know that he will always be loved. That he will always be with us and remembered fondly. He was a bright, white spot in our lives if even for a short while. Luther was a lover of all things! Car rides! The outdoors! Chasing things! Licking small children! Leaning on adults. Laying in the cool grass! Sleeping on a secluded slab of cold cement! What a fine dog he was. So cute. So cuddly. Utterly adorable. He will be missed...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dallas sings again!

i need a monopod! i cannot possibly hold the camera still/steady enough for dark photography! so it's a little blurry folks! Dallas is in the back, head down, arms crossed... contemplating. they sounded so good! i am so glad that Dallas loves to sing! i wish that he would've stayed in the band because that is even better! at least for me as i was in the band in high school and absolutely loved it! the trips were even better! oh the stories! i wonder what stories Dallas will accumulate? the Luxemburg/Casco school district put this 'Spring Concert' on in the downtown historic Meyer theater and it was absolutely gorgeous inside! i took a few pictures but they turned out absolutely, well, dark. i don't have the time to fiddle w/the images and post them. sorry folks. the one picture that was viewable is very blurry. hmmm. anyway. half way through the concert, i had to come home and bring in The Cakes as she was getting loud and cranky. what happened Mei Mei? she loves music but not this time! oh. she was hungry, thirsty and tired daddy! sorry! we came home, sat on the picnic table out back and had some chicken! mmmm! Mei Mei said! then we came back inside to give her a shower. such tears! why the crying? she loves the shower! what? momma does it better? thanks. so i quickly dried her off, put fresh diapers on and wrapped her up in some clean warm jammas! oh happy girl! 'nigh nigh' Mei Mei said! yes little one! time for nite nite! where's your favorite stuffy? will it be the turtle tonight? no? the pink doggy! ok Mei Mei! let's go! look at her walk up the stairs like a big girl! one step with each foot! big steps, careful there Catarina. you are so big and smart! once in the crib, you again arranged your stuffies in just the right places and then i went ahead and covered you in your favorite fleece blanky to say prayers. such a funny girl! why are you laughing? papa make you laugh? let's pray... Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul keep. The Angels watch me through the night, until I wake in the morning light. Amen. nite nite precious! i love you! nigh nigh Mei Mei said! see you later! what's this that i hear? mom and Dallas home now? yay! i wonder how his concert finished? what fun! i love you too Dallas! now go take a shower. no complaints! jeez kid. hugs all around. see you later...

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Dallas does good.

so here he is doing his school project... chocolate chip cookies! what a huge mess was found all around afterwards though! holy smokes batman. poor Dallas ended up making two whole batches as he didn't quite follow the ingredient instructions to the letter and the cookies ended up pretty flat! some burned up and stuck to the pan, which needed to be thrown out. wow. i quickly ran to the grocery store before it closed and saved the day (night)! i think that he ended up making about 60 cookies and he told me that some kids ended up asking for a third helping and that he got a good grade on the presentation. way to go kid! i wonder how much of the batter he ended up eating in the raw though... we finally finished cleaning the kitchen only today. amazing. he loves cooking though! Kim bought a small charcoal grill a couple weeks ago and now that is the hot ticket to dinners. literally. what fun! spring is great! what are all YOU kids doing out there? don't you love this time of year? everyone is happy. i've even seen several Red Fox too! plenty of love-struck turkey too. it's so funny to watch them puffed up and strutting around. let's go camping! Dallas, Mei Mei and i will take a bike ride around here a little later on today. the weather is great! a little too windy but that's o.k., we won't complain! oh yes, we'll plant some strawberries, raspberries and blackberry bushes too! we even have two trees to plant! a Weeping Willow and a Red Maple for now will do just fine thank you! Arbor Day still has to send us 8 more trees though! i forgot what they were exactly but it was a mix of flowering trees and shade trees. go back and see my pictures of this place and you'll notice that there aren't any big trees around! evergreens were planted a year or two ago but they are still very tiny. look again in a few years though and see the transformation! i hope that it will all turn out in a good way!
Dallas just changed Mei Mei's poopy diaper and now she's running after him with the wipes and powder! put it away Dallas! so funny! hey! put her pants back on kid! she loves that boy like there's no tomorrow! let's go outside...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

grumpy got busted!

grumpy got busted!
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now THIS is interesting! Kim called me at work early this morning to tell me that our neighbor was getting raided by the SWAT team and she wasn't kidding! wow. perhaps he'll get taken away for good! no more threats! no more worries! perhaps the feds will allow us to buy the property for 500 bucks per acre and we'll rent it out! whatever. i wonder what really happened over there and what's going to happen now?

Monday, May 08, 2006


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my work life may not be very stellar right now but let me tell you a little something about my children! they are so stinkin' wonderful (when they are not being headstrong!). such sweet kids... Today, May the 8th, marks exactly one year with The Cakes! Crazy Cakes! remember? this is the best thing that we have done in a long time! Dallas is very proud to be an older, protective brother. check out the photo history! what a change! these kids grow too fast! can we feed them once or twice a day or something? if you could only hear their sweet melodious voices every now and then! speaking of voices, Dallas' voice is changing! have you talked to him lately? so funny! no cracking or octave skipping yet but def. a big change! he's becoming a man! so scary. so much work! Kim and I were never like that! nope. Mei Mei just said, "I'm gonna go nite nite!". pretty close, at least. she still speaks Cantonese. or greek. same thing. so adorable. you know, i recently bought the best of Poison and Guns-n-Roses cd's and Mei Mei jammed to those tunes too! cracks me up! is there any kind of music that she doesn't like? good for her. Well, Kim, Mei Mei and I are going to put her bike stroller together before we all go 'nite nite'!
P.S. if you ever come across Hersheys Special Dark Espresso chocolate, stock up on that stuff! it's the smoothest, best tasting chocolate that i have ever had! bar none. oh yes. wow.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

let's go!

let's go!
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so Mei Mei had some pop tarts that mom gave her... bad momma! Mei Mei loved the boxe that our ionic pro filters came in on though! she just loves things! very tactile child. now that spring is here, she'll be outdoors more often playing w/brother! (see brother mow some grass!) see you later! that was a quote from The Cakes herself. such a smart girl!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


sorry folks, but i cannot upload photos using Kim's laptop! yes, i have pop-ups enabled from this site but the little button thingy still won't work! just click on the link though as i can still use the flickr uploadr though! whew!
Mei Mei is on my lap right now saying, "bye bye! see you later!" to all of us. so funny! she is talking so much lately! she's been super active, really. hurricane Mei Mei is loose! lil' Tornado! we've quit trying to clean up after the children until after they've both gone to bed! what a mess this place is! so gross... both kids are growing up so stinking fast! why? Dallas is incredibly tall (and handsome), Mei Mei is bigger, faster, more agile and more talkative than ever. what a riot! i can't keep up! i'd like to post some pictures of the things that Dallas is making in school! The Cakes makes some cute things at daycare too. i can't possibly post them all with this cheesey dial up connection!
green bay is getting nice and green again! i love spring! this will be a good year...