Saturday, June 17, 2006

24hrs of Lemans!!!!!

please join me in watching, once again, the 24 HOURS OF LEMANS!!! love it!

in other news...

i am working on uploading ALL of my pictures from China so come back every now and then to check em out! there are over 400 so it will take me a month or so at these dial-up speeds!

thank you. gotta go.

Mei Mei is sick. Dallas is upstairs. Kim and her mom are hittin' the rummage sales...

Monday, June 05, 2006

well i'm sitting here with kim's laptop on my lap, waiting for a picture to upload... waiting... waiting... still waiting... yup. still. waiting. wow. could take all night folks!

we had such a good time today! Mei Mei, Dallas and Kim all went to the zoo! Mei Mei loves the outdoors and she absolutely adores animals so what better thing to do than support our local zoo? we just need to remember to keep bug spray/wipe/ointment stuff with us at all times! we aren't too sure what got to her face but it sure did get swollen! sad Cakes. didn't dampen her enthusiasm one bit really. such a happy girl. for her birthday, she recieved lots of 'Hello Kitty' items! YAY! she wants her diaper changed on her new Hello Kitty blanket! she naps with her new Hello Kitty doll and even cooks and has tea with her! she also got a new kitchen set with a basket to put her shopping things in! she loves to put things in baskets! she played quietly by herself for a long time after we arrived at the house because she was just so into her new kitchen! she even picked up after herself too! can you show older brother how to do that Mei Mei? for cake, i bought some Klondike bars in plain vanilla and Reeses Pieces! Mmmm! says Catarina as she smooshes it all over her mouth! good stuff dad! thank you! 'sounds like titoo' two years old... wow. it was such a short while ago that we brought her home and spent two wonderful weeks in China! let's do that again Mei Mei! we all love you so much! you are growing up so fast! you do so well in everything! you love to eat, nap, play, run around with brother! he's so good to you, isn't he? grow up big and strong, O.K.? good night Mei Mei! 'nye nye' she says! see you later! prayers and kisses!