Thursday, March 23, 2006


yeah, Dallas is throwing a major fit right now... no, actually, he's been at it since he arrived this afternoon! butting heads in a major way. if we say 'A', he says 'B'. if we say 'B' he'll invariably say 'A'. how nice. even Mei Mei is at fault tonight! what's the deal here? gramma? grandpa? any ideas? it's kinda funny really. how long is this going to last? oh yes, the next few YEARS!!! jeez. if only you could be here now! aren't you all just jealous!? what fun.
Mei Mei is using her incredible repertoire of words regularly! SIT DOWN! SIT HERE! so funny! sit with you, cheese and shoos (juice) are favorites too! you gotta see the facial expressions when she says some of these things too! she is also now climbing the stairs regularly. yikes. not something that we were looking forward to! yeah, other kids do it and she does it a daycare, but, not here! Mei Mei NO!!! it's scary for the parents! where's that baby gate? oh yeah, she'll climb it! baby Joy is probably hot on her heals too! i wonder how they are doing... i miss them all so much! i wish that they could play together every day! heck, I am the one that wants to see them every day! they are so stinking cute! incredibly intelligent and so much fun!
well, i still have some laundry to do and the animals to feed... gonna rescue mom from the kids too. they are both being rowdy now. not feelin the love here. just cryin' and screamin' ttfn

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Space Pies!

why can't i upload pictures? jeez. Mei Mei is pronouncing her words better! These are her favorites words : space pies, MOM!, momma, juice, cheese, and finally, NO! so funny. Dallas returned from his trip a level two snowboarder... hmm. mom is working now. dallas, mei mei and I are hanging out for now. we have plenty of work to do around the house! always tons of work to do... i'm a little distracted right now so i'll log off and try again later as you kids won't get the gist of what the heck i'm trying to say! too incoherent. sorry.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday, 3-4-06

this more recent photo is kinda cute, huh? i like it so much that it is my current computer background image! don't let those cute faces fool ya though! these kids are dangerous! they work in tandem and they'll subvert you without you even being aware of what they are really doing to you! charming and cute. what a combination. they are both struggling to find their little 'niches' or to establish pecking order because they fight all the time too! Mei Mei is into "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" and Dallas is into "NO! I'M NOT GONNA!" also. who got what from whom? yikes. this place is quite the battlezone at times! then there are times like right now... peace and quiet reign supreme. the cat's soft feet are heard skulking around the corner and Cotton is woofing at everything outside. oh yes, Dallas is chomping open mouthed on some chips. yuck. anyone want to join? come on over! never a dull moment around here!
Dallas is very excited to go on his mini vacation in a few days! he'll have so much fun! time will go by way too quickly for him, that's fer sure! then he'll head on over to kansas in july for another short jaunt of fun and relaxation. oh yes, he now has his own cell phone. oh boy. useful though! he's been very responsible too which has surprised me! i thought that he'd burn through his allotted minutes in short order! what a good kid he is! did i mention that he is about 6 feet tall already? what the heck are we feeding this little monster? Mei Mei will be all of 5' 4" and big brother will tower over her at about 6' 4"! wow. she adores him! they crack me up. i think that i'll take them out for some snowboarding or skating in a while here... it's so nice outside today! lot's of snow and not much wind! perfect.