Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saturday 4/21/06 about 6:30p.m.

oh happy day! thunderstorms have come and gone today, perfect reading weather! Mei Mei is polishing up on one of her favorite subjects! modified mustangs rule. dallas and his friend Patrick are upstairs doing the x-box thing. what'll we make for dinner? bbq chicken? mac-n-cheese? i dunno but kim and i are enjoying ice-cream as we read though! "YUM! YUM!" says Mei Mei. she's so funny! and active fer cryin out loud! never a dull moment, worse than a jack russell puppy - we should know! she's getting into (and out of) everything! gets kinda scary sometimes. Dallas brought her down this morning as she was trying to walk down the stairs... she had climbed out of her crib and was headed down! sheesh! she also has a little trash can that she loves to sit on, or move it to strategic places so that she can climb on them! what a little booger. Dallas says that his grades are all up! straight A's! really? finally! keep it up kid! good job. now what do you want for dinner? what are we gonna do tomorrow? it should be raining the next few days with temps in the 50's or so. speaking of outside temps, we have a naughty Fjord that has figured out how to get under the electric fence! Isa simply turns her head so that the fence lays across her mane and then simply pushes through... what a naughty horse. warmbloods tend to be that way though.
Well, the sun is back out again. At least for awhile. it should be a beautiful sunset tonight. not like we had in Kansas but just the same, they are a sight to behold. nature at it's best!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


so Luther is back home again! guess what? Mei Mei absolutely adores white dogs! she chases Luther around all the time saying, loudly, "NICE!" it's so funny! when Josie came home, yes, we have a standard poodle now too, she went nuts! NICE! when she went to Kingman with Kim, all of the horses were hers. MINE! she loves animals! what a fabulous child. dallas and her have been horsing around a lot lately too! the weather has had a lot to do with it, i'm sure. it's been in the 60's with light winds and partly cloudy - perfect! i love it. we have all been going out for 2 and 3 mile walks regularly too! what fun! the sheep are still here but their days are numbered. they are headed to a petting farm and a better life soon. in their place though, we have a chihuahua, the standard poodle and a class A miniature horse. what a riot. the horse will arrive in July though. stay tuned.
Dallas says that he now has straight "A's"! really dude? let's see your report card man! he is so stinkin tall! he isn't even 15 years old! yikes. Mei Mei will always be short, petite and cute. what a duo! i love it!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sat. 4/15/06

so i can't post pictures!? why not? jeez. i had some good ones too! i'll try flickr, check out my link! yup, it worked. slow connection though so only one at a time please! thank you very much. speaking of pictures, i was sent one of someone holding an EPT thingy and it said "PREGNANT" on it! i wonder who that was? is? holy smokes batman! is it whom i think that it is? wow woman! the other family of ours in our circle has started the paper process for another child and we have stalled due to events beyond our control. i wish them luck, love and happiness forever and ever! congratulations all of you!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

I'm done

Kim broke her promise to me. twice now. why do I bother? we will be a farm family forever. farm pets. farm things. i just don't wanna take care of them all. not my thing. jeezzus. Dallas and I had a great time at the Bulls and Broncs Chute Out tonight! money well spent. the funniest thing i ever saw was "Whiplash" the rodeo monkey! that was a hoot! to see a monkey riding a dog, herding small sheep was a total crack up! tiny cowboy hat, bandana, lead rope and all! so funny! what will tomorrow bring? g'nite all!! oh yes, the little class A pony is allegedly Mei Mei's. that's the excuse. ok. whatever kim. i hear he's very cute.

Friday, April 07, 2006

fri nite/sat morn

ok kids, i haven't posted in awhile due to schedules, work, home, life... i've many ups and downs lately. dallas dropped the f-bomb recently and i wanted to hurt him. bad. i don't like for anyone to speak to Kim in a nasty way, I don't like to see her hurt. but when it comes from your own child? saying the f-word? i don't think so. work life has not been good either. what is wrong with these people? there is no harmony. everyone for themselves. yeah, i do my share of boneheaded things but no one steps up to help or offer words of encouragement/advise. nothing. you'll certainly hear about it later though! jackasses. perhaps i should consider a career change. who knows. later, perhaps.

dallas and i had a good day today though. i came home early, much to his surprise. i was here when he arrived at 3:30! we hung out for awhile and then i told him that we were going out! since Kim and Mei Mei left, he's been saying "I love you" more often and today he mentioned that we needed this time together. what a sport. great kid, really he is! we went to return an item at Target and walked around goofing off for awhile. we were hungry and i was going to take him to the famous wisconsin friday night fish fry somewhere here in green bay but then we decided that bbq would be much better! boy were we ever right! good choice Dallas! he had a half (!) rack of ribs and i had a 1/2 lb bison burger. so good. the 22oz guinness draught was excellent and dallas had a rootbeer float. we both agreed that it was the best dinner we had had in a long time! guy time. great time. we walked off our dinner at the mall and watched the teenagers goofing off around us. dallas was apalled but i informed him that pretty soon, he'd be doing the same thing! he promised that he wouldn't be so dorky. he likes grey/white and not black so no maude/grunge/industrial look for him! he'll be a lady killer in white! we'll see. if i could figure out how to post a picture from my phone, i'd show him sleeping here beside me on the couch like an angel. so cute. so stinking tall too! good grief.

gonna go to bed now. long day later today! go-karts, archery and racing programs await! we need to do some serious house cleaning too! yikes. don't forget to watch the IROC races! F1! SPEED GT, SPEED TOURING! CART! oh yeah.