Saturday, April 08, 2006

I'm done

Kim broke her promise to me. twice now. why do I bother? we will be a farm family forever. farm pets. farm things. i just don't wanna take care of them all. not my thing. jeezzus. Dallas and I had a great time at the Bulls and Broncs Chute Out tonight! money well spent. the funniest thing i ever saw was "Whiplash" the rodeo monkey! that was a hoot! to see a monkey riding a dog, herding small sheep was a total crack up! tiny cowboy hat, bandana, lead rope and all! so funny! what will tomorrow bring? g'nite all!! oh yes, the little class A pony is allegedly Mei Mei's. that's the excuse. ok. whatever kim. i hear he's very cute.

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Anonymous said...

MONKEYS RULE! (especially ones that can ride a dog!)