Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fall program for Luxemburg/Casco High School

hey family! Dallas' fall program is over and i posted some pictures! they are all dark and blurry since i could only handhold my camera and TRY to take pictures in the dark of moving subjects! ouch. it was so much fun though! Dallas did great and had a lot of fun too so we went to have icecream after the program... he is doing well in high school!

gotta go. don't forget to check out the pix!


Monday, November 12, 2007

wear safety glasses when using power tools! idiot...

so it's Dallas' birthday today! he is 15! FIFTEEN! ouch. he's pretty crabby today though! kinda funny really. maybe it's the fact the the weather is pretty warm! mid november and 60 deg.? throwing us all for a loop.

well, yesterday, Sunday was action packed and busy for the Morales clan! we were all working hard outside putting up fence! i post pictures on a pretty regular basis now so don't forget to check even if i don't post a blog!

Dallas has received all of his birthday presents but he was expecting some more today! the ACTUAL day of his birthday! now he wants a laptop. a gocart. more video games. sure Dallas, no problem! jeez. next year he will be getting his DRIVING license! limited, but nontheless a bonafide driving license to maneuver a multiton vehicle on public roads. luckily there are plenty of back roads in the country that we can practice on! too bad that i don't have the mustang running! THAT would be interesting! he should learn to drive a manual transmission! oh yeah. but he has to 'settle' for a truck and an hhr. fun! he's driven at night and in the rain. he's driven large farm vehicles while living in Kansas too. he's doing pretty good. a little too confident at times but that is why he drives with an adult! settle down there! slow down! good boy.

the Luxemburg/Casco variety show was last night and, as usual, it was fun! Dallas participated in Act 7, In the Jungle, complete with grass skirts and cardboard shields! good job kids! i love watching them perform! speaking of performing, Dallas mentioned that he wishes to quit choir next year and take up A/V classes. he sings well though! don't quit! he really loves the a/v stuff though! he's put a few years in choir though and i like that he wants to try different things in school. you only live once! try em all! there's more to come!

i'm tired. we are all tired. we've worked hard and took advantage of the great weather and had tons of fun. the dog area is complete! THAT is a huge relief! what a big difference it makes already. money and time well spent.

the weather is finally coming down and settling into the 40's! snow is coming soon! all of the colorful glory of fall is pretty much over and the austere beauty of winter will soon be here. i can't wait! i'm taking tons of pictures with my KODAK DX6490 and getting a little better at it! i love photography! i love cameras and lenses! astronomy and telescopes! hiking/hunting and binoculars! the beauty of nature... awesome stuff. puts me in a great mood! so i want to capture those images and moments! my kids are growing up fast and i want to capture that too! yup, photography is the way to go. gonna subscribe to a photog rag. gonna visit a local shop regularly and ask questions. gonna keep uploading pix to flickr and getting feedback from the community. so much fun! i love it! now if i could find what Dallas likes to do... video games don't count!

good night all! Dallas is 15! Happy birthday Dallas!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

happy birthday Dallas!

happy birthday Dallas!
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this was the perfect weekend for Dallas' birthday so here it is... the one and only thing that Dallas wanted and he got it. good grief. so today, saturday, there are 10 kids over and we are all playing video games. the wii system is downstairs and the two xbox 360 systems are upstairs where six kids are linked up playing Halo3. this wii system is pretty cool! now Kim wants one for christmas. sheesh. i'd rather get the star wars lego 2 game for our DS systems! whatever.

Kim and i have been working on the fence for part of the day today and we hurt! muscular pain and joint pain galore! ibuprofen is the name of the game. ouch. we've got a ways to go though. not looking forward to it! nuh uh. no way.

pandemonium! the kids are all switching places! eating cake and ice cream too!

i'll be back later! don't forget to see the pictures that i've posted!