Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Dog!

My Dog!
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Spring is in the air! Well, not as I type this because it is 40some degrees out w/20-30 mph winds and raining bucketloads of water but we are almost in May! April showers bring May flowers, right? If they survive these hurricane force winds... ;-)

Anyway, everything is moving along nicely. Kids are behaving age appropriate, which means that Dallas drives us nuts at times because he can be so headstrong and stubborn! Lazy. Kim and I obviously were not that way when we were teens because his behavior is inexplicable! Does not make sense to anyone but him. Obviously, this is a condition that is uniquely Dallas'. No one else even comes close. Just ask him! Mei Mei, on the other hand, is about to turn six! She is all grown up and mature already. Just ask her! Such a riot. My coworkers and some friends keep telling me, "just wait until SHE'S a teenager!"! Great. What do you keep telling me that females are much worse than their male counterparts? Yes, she is all drama all the time, but, won't she grow out of it? Soon? Ay ay ay... Life is good.

Daisy, our elderly mini Dachshund, is trying to get my attention by clawing at my legs! Ow. Speaking of our lil Hoover, her nose is not what it used to be! She used to be an expert at picking up kibble, well, like a vacuum cleaner! Non of our dogs could even come close to her skills! Now, even though she still has the same zest and drive for food, she will sniff on by and miss tasty morsels! I have to point them out to her. She's still adorable.

I miss my father terribly. In a couple of days, he'll have had his 65th birthday! Though far from perfect, he was a great dad. I always forgave him for his forgettable moments. No one is perfect! I wish that I could be more like him. I find that as I get older, I am losing my patience much more quickly where as when I was younger, I didn't care about much! Everything slid off of my back, so to speak. I hope that I don't turn into a crotchety old man! I am a work in progress. Every day I strive to have more patience, to be a better husband and father. I hope that my family notices! Love them so much...

Time to get the teenager up! He's still in bed and it is nearly 10 A.M. We need to finish working on his car! His 1992 Honda Accord blew out the radiator AND the exhaust! Rusted out. Yesterday we replaced the radiator and today we hope to finish the exhaust. I haven't wrenched on a car since my early/mid twenties! Wow. Dallas doesn't enjoy it like Kim and I did though, at that age. C'est la vie.