Sunday, January 14, 2007


i thought that i would never be 'had' like this but, i did. now we have no money in the bank and tomorrow, monday, is MLK day. nice. i receive emails on my yahoo account all of the time concerning this account and that that i may or may not have and that includes paypal. they're all bogus, ya know!? I KNOW! like, DUH! well, i received one of those alerts on my hotmail account and when i read it, well, it was different enough and sounded real enough that i did it. i signed in to paypal and gave them all of my information. SINCE WHEN DOES PAYPAL REQUIRE ALL OF YOUR INFORMATION JUST TO LOG IN???????? idiot! wtf and omg. i did not click on a link through hotmail, i used another IE window and typed in the paypal address myself and noticed the 'https' portion pop up when the first page popped up so i didn't think anything was wrong at this point. again, they reiterated the fact that several unauthorized and unsuccessful attempts had been made to my account and so please enter all of this private info to make sure that all records matched and to verify my authenticity. OF COURSE THEY MATCHED! idiot! that was not paypal! legit companies NEVER ask for this info just to log in! that is even mentioned in their official emails to you! it's plastered all over their websites too! unbelievable. i blindly went ahead and entered all of it since i had used another browser window and typed the address in myself. same computer though. at work. nice. nicely screwed we are now though! as you can tell, i am not happy. Kim actually mentioned the cause and effect to me since i did not put two and two together. i had mentioned to her the fact that paypal had requested this stuff of me when we noticed our money missing due to a California initiated Western Union transfer. good lord. lot's of damage control to do now. be careful kids. let this be your public service announcement. amazing.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

happy boy

happy boy
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oh yes. Christmas morning. Dallas and his white troll. seriously folks! it's what he REALLY wanted! there it is. see my little farm dog in the corner down there? she's come a long way baby! doesn't do so well out in the chilly air any more! being hit by a car will do that to ya. i love my little yellow mutt! anyway, Dallas and Mei Mei absolutely loved Christmas! they had a dashing time indeed. it was funny to watch Mei Mei at first because she didn't know what to do with her package! "what is this thing?" her little beautiful eyes implored! big brother dutifully came and showed her exactly what to do and how to do it! MINE! she screamed! no Mei Mei, that one is not yours! try again! everything is hers! even the moon. the next couple of hours the two of them spent the time putting together their toys, throwing out their trash and just plain having fun! the kids were happy and therefore the adults were happy. good times were had by all.
now Dallas is back in school, Mei Mei is going to daycare every day and life has returned to its usual state of morales 'normalcy'. we are supposed to finally get some snow too! sheesh. good times.