Wednesday, June 27, 2007


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so i can't log in to my blogger account and i am only posting from FLICKR. that's all well and good.

just wanted to say that all is well at the Morales ranch! summer is going great and the kids are having a ball! Kim and I are working hard but loving our jobs. every so often we go and take a hike along one of the local trails, with or without some dogs in tow! we have yet to take to a trail on a horse but we will! Tristian, our Fjord horse here, is for sale though. he's so cute and well mannered! but like any warmblood horse, very curious and naughty! they are very funny and FUN!

Mei Mei is in her new daycare and doing well! Dallas is about to hit highschool! life is travelling by pretty fast! it's fun being a daddy and husband!

Kim's home now so we'll have dinner. grillin and chillin! mmmm.