Saturday, November 08, 2008

Tender Love

Tender Love
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Wilbur passed away on Monday, 2 days after Meeshee did. Though Meeshee was struck by a car, Wilbur had cancer. Two dogs in as many days was extraordinarily tough on Kim and myself. Wow.

On a better note, Dallas turns 16 soon! He passed his driving school test and so Kim took him to get his temporary permit, which he received with flying colors too! Kim let him drive home, which was about 20 miles, mostly rural roads but it took 45 minutes and was a white knuckle ride! Breath Dallas! Breath! He's very cautious! For now...

We are getting our first snow/flurries of the season finally! Day time temps are now in the 40's! Most of the leaves have dropped from the trees now and Old Man Winter is settling in nicely.

My dad is doing great! He plans on visiting us here in Wisconsin in the spring or early summer! Yippeee! Amen too! Wow.

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Rest in Peace Meesheebelle!

A truly amazing dog. My mom picked up this mutt in Puerto Rico as a puppy and was not expected to live long. 10 years later and thousands of miles under her collar, she was hit by a car and died as a result of a head injury. This warm weather, Puerto Rican Sato dog has been with us throught the thick and thin of everything! Fiercely loyal and protective of us all, she would nip at the heals of anyone that she did not know if they came into our yard. Funny thing about this dog is that she would always dance with her paws spread out wide! She would spin clockwise only and absolutely loved to spend all her time with us no matter what we were doing. Heck, she made it through three cold Kansas winters and three Wisconsin winters too! This tropical short haired dog did it all! She is being sorely missed by us all.