Saturday, November 03, 2007

happy birthday Dallas!

happy birthday Dallas!
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this was the perfect weekend for Dallas' birthday so here it is... the one and only thing that Dallas wanted and he got it. good grief. so today, saturday, there are 10 kids over and we are all playing video games. the wii system is downstairs and the two xbox 360 systems are upstairs where six kids are linked up playing Halo3. this wii system is pretty cool! now Kim wants one for christmas. sheesh. i'd rather get the star wars lego 2 game for our DS systems! whatever.

Kim and i have been working on the fence for part of the day today and we hurt! muscular pain and joint pain galore! ibuprofen is the name of the game. ouch. we've got a ways to go though. not looking forward to it! nuh uh. no way.

pandemonium! the kids are all switching places! eating cake and ice cream too!

i'll be back later! don't forget to see the pictures that i've posted!

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Sarah said...

What's this I hear about the wall?!