Wednesday, October 31, 2007


noble farm/guard dog
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this is my beautiful mutt Meeshee. perhaps about 9 years young and full of spunk! i love this dog! best farm dog ever! ferocious guard dog too! just ask the UPS guy! the fed ex guy isn't fazed, he pets her. smart man. beware the person who is jogging or cycling though! heck, if a vehicle slows down, Meeshee will get her hackles up and start growling, if after two or three seconds you're still there, she'll take off after ya! look out! bad dog! NO MEESHEE! NO! too late. she's been hit by a car once already though obviously not too bad! scared me almost to death though! this dog came from Puerto Rico, where my mom adopted her. she lived in Orlando for a few years, first w/mom and then w/Kim and myself. Mom was working some seriously long hours and the poor dog was kept in a crate all day by herself. our first problem w/her when we brought her in? getting her out of the crate! Meeshee was very shy and skittish, unsocialized and scared. scared me too when she took off out of the house and just bolted away! where the heck was she going? yikes! Meeshee come back! bad dog! kim ran after her and i went to jump into the car to give chase also. it was all for naught as Meeshee came back w/Kim in tow. i started to scold the dog but next thing i knew, Kim was scolding ME!!! whah? huh? i have to praise her because she came back on her own? oh. i get it. sorry. good dog! you came back! it's been so much fun ever since! it took a year or so for her to settle in to her new and busy life. once i made the mistake of trying to 'catch' her by grabbing her tail and what did she do? she pee'd ,pooped & yelped at the same time! ooops! sorry Meeshee! don't scare the poor dog like that! i never did that again and she soon got over people touching her and her tail. she would go with us to dog shows and behaved very well! what a happy dog! tail up and smiling all the time! whenever she gets excited, she spins in a clockwise direction. so funny! i nicknamed her 'clockwise' because of it. cracks me up to this day. she also stands straight up, puffs her chest out, cranes her neck and head back and spreads her paws wide! i have yet to take a picture of that hilarious pose of hers! it's the best!
we soon moved to Kansas. out of the city and into the country! yeeehaa! wide open spaces! cows, cow manure, feed lots, barbed wire and plenty of stench everywhere! did i mention wide open spaces? yikes. our most excellent mutt though had formed a strong bond w/us by then and never wandered far. heck, there are coyotes out there! big eagles and hawks too! owls! jeez. danger everywhere. no problem for the brave farmdog! no longer just a pet and comealong companion! she started to defend her territory! hmm. interesting! good dog! it only took one skunk to realize that there are some things that you just leave well enough alone! ick. we lived in three different places in our three years in the Hays, Kansas area and this wonderful dog took it all in stride. we even started raising chickens, guinea fowl, geese, ducks and other what nots but no problem. Meeshee would guard them all. what a wonderful dog.
now we live in Wisconsin and Meeshee is still living strong! this dog has put in some serious miles! been there done that! she's great! i can't say enough about this dog! dogs have come and gone but Meeshee will always be here. great dog. my best friend. love her. long live my mutt! so noble. so proud. so naughty! crazy clockwise doggy. def. a keeper. oh yeah.

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