Friday, October 05, 2007

caught a coworker doing good work for free!

Tracy, seen here just outside my Titan window, is an amazing person. she is very selfless and hardworking and i can now prove it! she left work early today, though i followed a couple hours later and this is what i saw her doing! why didn't she just go home? because she is not wired that way! this mess was two blocks away and i am sure that she saw it as she crossed the street and went north towards the mess instead of south to her cozy home. what did i do? kept on driving... i have a fence to put up fer crying out loud! my two kids to feed! horses to take care of! dogs to run! jeez. really. this gal is plain awesome. great nurse too! you'd be lucky to have her take care of you if were here in St Vincent Hospital cardiology! Way to go Tracy! Excellent work! Kudos to you!

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