Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saturday 4/21/06 about 6:30p.m.

oh happy day! thunderstorms have come and gone today, perfect reading weather! Mei Mei is polishing up on one of her favorite subjects! modified mustangs rule. dallas and his friend Patrick are upstairs doing the x-box thing. what'll we make for dinner? bbq chicken? mac-n-cheese? i dunno but kim and i are enjoying ice-cream as we read though! "YUM! YUM!" says Mei Mei. she's so funny! and active fer cryin out loud! never a dull moment, worse than a jack russell puppy - we should know! she's getting into (and out of) everything! gets kinda scary sometimes. Dallas brought her down this morning as she was trying to walk down the stairs... she had climbed out of her crib and was headed down! sheesh! she also has a little trash can that she loves to sit on, or move it to strategic places so that she can climb on them! what a little booger. Dallas says that his grades are all up! straight A's! really? finally! keep it up kid! good job. now what do you want for dinner? what are we gonna do tomorrow? it should be raining the next few days with temps in the 50's or so. speaking of outside temps, we have a naughty Fjord that has figured out how to get under the electric fence! Isa simply turns her head so that the fence lays across her mane and then simply pushes through... what a naughty horse. warmbloods tend to be that way though.
Well, the sun is back out again. At least for awhile. it should be a beautiful sunset tonight. not like we had in Kansas but just the same, they are a sight to behold. nature at it's best!


David said...

happy happy joy joy happy happy happy happy joy joy joy!

:) said...

she's so big!!!