Saturday, March 18, 2006

Space Pies!

why can't i upload pictures? jeez. Mei Mei is pronouncing her words better! These are her favorites words : space pies, MOM!, momma, juice, cheese, and finally, NO! so funny. Dallas returned from his trip a level two snowboarder... hmm. mom is working now. dallas, mei mei and I are hanging out for now. we have plenty of work to do around the house! always tons of work to do... i'm a little distracted right now so i'll log off and try again later as you kids won't get the gist of what the heck i'm trying to say! too incoherent. sorry.


shockshadow said...

lol...*gets visual of Nixy running around carrying Mei Mei while talking on the phone, vaccuming, and trying to put out a kitchen fire at the same time as blogging...*

:) said...

oh my goodness... I tried snowboarding and I stunk! I probably didn't even RANK!