Monday, May 08, 2006


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my work life may not be very stellar right now but let me tell you a little something about my children! they are so stinkin' wonderful (when they are not being headstrong!). such sweet kids... Today, May the 8th, marks exactly one year with The Cakes! Crazy Cakes! remember? this is the best thing that we have done in a long time! Dallas is very proud to be an older, protective brother. check out the photo history! what a change! these kids grow too fast! can we feed them once or twice a day or something? if you could only hear their sweet melodious voices every now and then! speaking of voices, Dallas' voice is changing! have you talked to him lately? so funny! no cracking or octave skipping yet but def. a big change! he's becoming a man! so scary. so much work! Kim and I were never like that! nope. Mei Mei just said, "I'm gonna go nite nite!". pretty close, at least. she still speaks Cantonese. or greek. same thing. so adorable. you know, i recently bought the best of Poison and Guns-n-Roses cd's and Mei Mei jammed to those tunes too! cracks me up! is there any kind of music that she doesn't like? good for her. Well, Kim, Mei Mei and I are going to put her bike stroller together before we all go 'nite nite'!
P.S. if you ever come across Hersheys Special Dark Espresso chocolate, stock up on that stuff! it's the smoothest, best tasting chocolate that i have ever had! bar none. oh yes. wow.

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David said...

omg...POISON? GUNS N ROSES??? WtH dood!!!! whatever happened to DEPECHE MODE, TEARS FOR FEARS, and SISTERS OF MERCY???!?!?!?!?
you have truly become a family man....ohhhhhh....remember that song Family Man by Nitzer Ebb?? lol...