Wednesday, January 23, 2008

my daddy...

ok folks, today, wednesday the 23rd of jan dad is very sick. he has a fever and is nauseous big time. please keep him in your thoughts and prayers for those of you who pray... Migdalia is there w/him as much as she can and i am extremely thankful for that! mom drops by too when she can. i am glad that dad has people that visit him and drop by as human interaction is very important. tonight, my last patient was a 'crash and burn' patient from the emergency room and came to us intubated and unresponsive. by the time that we were done, due in part to our wonderful nurse and team, he was responding to external stimuli. he also has family that was w/him in the hospital and i sincerely believe that it will make the difference between life and death for that man. people who have family and friends who make it a priority to actually visit do much better than the lonely patient.

my family is getting together in Puerto Rico in July! i wish that i could go... but again, my dad is my priority! i'll be w/you all in spirit (or on the web!).

love you all!


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