Sunday, January 20, 2008

ice forming on my eyebrows/lashes

i went out around 3 pm today to check on the horses and give them all water and i found out that 1) it is very windy!!! 2) there is about 1hr worth of work to do out here! 3)my eyes are freezing shut!! perhaps if i wasn't full of hot air... i put the dogs out to run outside for awhile while i worked but about 10 minutes later i brought them back in. they just aren't used to this! i am even putting Cotton and Winslow in the barn at night due to the extreme low temps. wow.

now back inside the safe confines of our home, i can finish doing the laundry. Dallas started dinner! the dogs are playing. life is good.


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:) said...

whoo hoo for Dallas starting dinner! love the pic! thanks for the comment- miss you all