Sunday, January 20, 2008

yup, it's really cold out today!

hey Dell! it's even colder in your hometown out there in Minesotta! yikes!

i'd like to say that i am not going outside to do anything at all but that would not be correct! i need to go out and fill the water trough w/water for the horses and sheep! i need to check to make sure that the electric fence has not been compromised and that everything opens and closes properly! aaaaah... life on the barn. farm. whatever. fun! i love it.

heck, the Green Bay Packers will be outside playing in this weather! yes, we WILL take the New York Giants down! trust me on this! it'll probably be a relatively quick game as i don't think that very many time-outs will be called! the huddles may be short and the play action quick and brisk! crazy! my family and i will be watching from the comfort of our home. oh yeah. no tailgating for us! we'll be there in spirit.

well, i need to keep working on the laundry. i'd like to make some bread today too. my allergies are kicking my butt though and i seriously want to take a long nap.

don't forget to pray for my dad folks! he's back in the hospital getting more chemo treatments.

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