Wednesday, January 16, 2008

another sun 'ray'

another sun 'ray'
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so calm and serene around here! i just absolutely love winter! so beautiful. tomorrow will not be so calm though if the storm that's headed this way hits the area! we should see half a foot of snow by the time that it leaves! ouch. schools will be closed too! Dallas is very upset. right. he's already inviting friends over! umm... Dallas? school will be closed due to treacherous conditions son! your friends will not be travelling here just to see you play xbox. nuh uh. no way kiddo. you and Mei Mei will watch Cinderella movies and drink hot chocolate! curl up w/the dogs on the couch! we'll need a shovel on our atv! this shoveling snow by hand kinda stinks! it's not like we have a tiny driveway! we don't live in the city ya know. yup. need a plow fer the atv!

don't forget to watch the Green Bay Packers kick some New York Giants butt this weekend! we're goin to the superbowl! hopefully! do NOT call us on sunday! just kidding. it'll be fun though!

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