Friday, September 30, 2005

homecoming weekend in Green Bay!

this is a crazy tradition that they have here! there are hundreds of homes across the green bay area that are papered up like this! rich or poor! it doesn't matter the home! it's pretty funny to see really! see my cheese hat? i have it in the van and with me at all times! this is a nice area but still hectic. i drove out to my new prospective home out in luxemburg and, boy, what a difference! it's country out there! apples and orchards abound! i love it! i saw my first deer since i left kansas! i'm slowly coming around. gonna go eat at a friday fish fry now! see you all later! tomorrow is the heart walk... how ironic! i'm trying hard to change my eating habits but i can't do it all in one day! love that fish!

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