Saturday, September 10, 2005

Saturday night!

it's saturday night and i am happy to report that i will be leaving this hotel tomorrow! a coworker offered to put me up at his place free of charge until my family arrives! prayers are being anwered! life is good! by the way chel-bug, thank you for all of your support! i love you! i have long distance support! today was a good day! i spoke with mom and she is in good spirits today too. her sister has a lot of support from friends and family also to help them through such a difficult time. jake, i know how you feel! what an incredible time this is for all of us! isn't it crazy? unbelievable... i miss my family! i won't recognize my kids when i see them again! dallas will be another inch or so taller and Mei Mei, well, who knows! she will probably be talking! on another note, i saw some beautiful homes yesterday! did i mention this already? i think that i did! today i spent all day with my new adoptive family working on a truck. we are pulling the old motor out and putting in a fresh crate motor that he just bought. what fun! i haven't done that in years! also, my friend Elliott called and we talked for awhile. him and his wife are doing well and working hard. they love their new home. wow. i need to go to bed! or at least pack up all my junk so that i can leave before check out time tomorrow! g'nite all!


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:) said...

yay for a host family!
Send them X's and O's from KS for takin care of our Nixy!!