Saturday, September 17, 2005

Saturday 9-17-05

miscellaneous ramblings! i like it up here! i will absolutely love it when MY FAMILY arrives! everything can get so complicated! nevertheless... i had my first crab apple since i was about 10 years old! i took it from a house that i went to go see with my realtor! i love crab apples! so will Dallas! i was very excited as i love apples! there are tons of cool looking trees out here. i love all the colors! i even plucked a weed that had pretty berries on it! speaking of berries, there is a huge cranberry festival out here somewhere i hear is very good to go and participate! that's all i know about it. hot air balloons are taking flight too! isn't that awesome? i also love the way people talk out here! i love their accent! i wonder what i would sound like now if i had stayed in michigan for a few more years? hmmm... there was something else that i wanted to say! it's lost in my bitty little brain somewhere now and i'll remember when i am at work or far from a computer. everyone going to watch this sunday's Green Bay Packer game? you bet that i will be watching! i never follow professional sports much but living here i gotta learn this packer thing thoroughly! even better yet, one of my favorite race tracks is less than two hours away! I can go and watch CART, Trans Am, ALMS, Ferrari clubs, Porche clubs, Camaro, Corvette and who know who else race here! tons of things to do again! i need to bring my Mustang up here with me! what fun! oh yes, my hosts are awesome and i am extremely grateful to them for letting me stay here with them instead of incuring heavy hotel costs! they also cook lots of good stuff! i'm gonna get fatter if i am not careful! so much good food everywhere! Tim and I have been installing his engine in his old truck too. i haven't worked on a motor in years! we rented a movie last night that we thought was a comedy... team america, world police or something like that. i was all puppets (marionets) but with heavy graphic violence, extreme profanity and explicit sex scenes! all done with puppets! hello! what the? amazing. even the theme song which was pro United States was heavy on the profanity! was this a political movie? screw the world! the U.S. is the best! amazing. don't rent it! whew. i need to go to be now! call my wife! then read a good book to prepare for the sleep to follow. someone please purchase our place in McCracken!

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