Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wednesday 9-7-05

not too bad today... tried to get in there and do something! you know?! yesterday was chaos, today was better. i don't understand yet what these coworkers of mine are trying to do though. where is the schedule? oh, printed in the morning. where are the patient folders? we don't have 'em. huh? what are all these boxes? stuff that needs to find a home. o.k. kinda crazy if you ask me! i'll get the hang of it. eventually! good bunch, really. the cath labs are new and some of the docs are too so everyone is learning and working hard. after work, i headed down the street to interview the childrens center again and do a walk-through. the building has been around for what, over a hundred years? i love the look of it! there is plenty of staff to go around too! these kids are never alone or ignored that's fer sure! i like it. very friendly and flexible! then i decided to go to barnes and noble to return something but after i did that, i took a wrong turn and my return trip to the hotel was about a thirty plus mile trip! it's been raining too and that didn't help things one bit. i live in a big bustling city now! all of 100plus thousand people in green bay alone. then there are all of the adjoining towns that interconnect... jeez. oh well. tons of traffic. helter skelter. go, go, go! THAT i will miss about hays and surrounding area, like my utopia in McCracken! calm and serene with an excellent restaurant down the street where everyone knows my name... i wonder what tomorrow will bring? i will learn a lot! the hospital was established in 1888 and now the cardiology department is expanding in a big way! i love it! i can't wait for fall, winter and spring. my favorite time of year. stay tuned folks! i love ya...


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:) said...

ohh! 30 miles~ you'll know your way around in no time. Big cities are supposedly "easy" like that... yikes! Yay for the 100 year old child care!