Friday, September 09, 2005

It's Friday!

so what is going on out there in the world? hello? anyone out there? there are tons of people out here in green bay, i know but what about the world that i just left behind? it's silent... hmmm. in any case, i had a good day today! my first 'week' at work! done. over with. let's move on! oh yes, i need to go through orientation first! like they say in hays, i need to get 'orienTATED'! the hospital didn't orientate me yet so i am not orientated yet. no scrubbing for me yet! i looked at three homes tonight also. they are so beautiful! all this beautiful grass, trees, fruit and vegetables growing everywhere! horses, cow and sheep abound too! this is so nice! where is my wonderful family to share this with? i haven't taken any more pictures so you can't see them on here yet either! i have been slacking or shirking my duties! i just went to the restaruant here at the Inn and it used to be the ticket office for the Green Bay Packers and Vince Lombardi's office too! neat restaurant/bar! you should see the wood door to the office! medieval! heavy! awesome. friday night all you can eat fish fry night is popular out here! i'm going to die soon because i just learned that my cholesterol is climbing over 240! can you say diet? lifestyle change? statins? jeez! can you believe it?! then i had to have fried fish tonight... NICE NIXY!!! WAY TO GO!!! idiot! jeez! come get your dinner you fat lard! well kids, i'm going to go walk by the waterfront then sit on a bench and read some. watch a ship or two go by. whatever. i LIKE this place! g'nite.

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:) said...

loved the Napoleon spin off there, but don't be mean to yourself! The homes sounds fabulous, can't wait till you find the PERFECT one!