Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday! 9-23-05

the weekend is upon me once again! what am i gonna do? hit the local casino houses of course! the American Indian nations have casinos everywhere! this should be fun! i want to see the Oneida Nation! how many tribes are there around here anyway? i gotta find out! there are Mexicans and Vietnamese (Hmong) too. you know what that means, right? lot's of good ethnic restaurants, of course! what did you think? i am going to buy a fishing rod and go fish the local Fox river too! i can't wait for my family to get here so that Dallas can show me how to fish! just wait until he actuall SEES the fish out here! northern pike, trout, salmon, bass, perch, walleyes and other whatnots abound! so tasty! you know what i haven't seen out here yet though? deer! every evening in Kansas was almost guaranteed to see deer feeding in the fields but out here there are too many trees! i saw a bunny this morning though! one single solitary bunny... he ought to move to Kansas where there seem to be millions! there are tons of squirrels out here though! i love the chipmunks! haven't seen any birds of prey either. coyotes? yeah right. there are however black bear roaming around! elk and moose are said to roam the upper reaches of the state too. maybe i'll go skulking through the woods and capture some on film fer ya! how bout dem apples!? speaking of apples! i can't get enough of them out here! i love apples! i love trees! i need to get out more! i need to go now...

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