Thursday, September 15, 2005

Thursday 9-15-05

i'm feelin' pretty good right now! just came back from brett favre's restaurant where i had some awesome jambalaya and godiva chocolate liqueur with my fellow coworkers. mmm, mmm, mm! it was a good day anyway, awesome weather, just the right amount of work and a phone call to the wife! can't complain! i was thinking though, i haven't had the same sense of pride and general fuzzy feeling about working here though... when i went to hays, i had a tremendous swelling of pride! i felt good to be there! granted, i knew that there was something fundamentaly wrong there but it was a vague undercurrent that i didn't think would rise up and snatch me away the way that it did! spit me out like so many others... that should not happen here! i just don't have that same sense of pride. i'm not sure why. perhaps it is because i came against my will, so to speak. it is an awesome place and the cardiology program is growing like mad and i am learning a lot! my coworkers are awesome too but i haven't yet 'clicked'. it will take time and some effort on my part, of course. the area is beautiful! when i was living in michigan, i was happy. i should be happy here! Dallas and Mei Mei will love it! ice fishing, snow mobiling, all sorts of winter activities! summer hiking, camping, fishing, water parks too. there are things to do year round. lot's of things! museums, malls, theatres, etc abound too. heck, just sit by the fox river and watch the big ships go by and do their thing. bird watching? ton's of that too. the canadian geese are moving all over the place right now! what a sight! the trout are said to be coming soon too! i remember fishing trout, bass, salmon and whatnot with dad when i was Dallas' age and loving it! this will be great! Kim will find some excellent horse people and activities here too! it won't compare to mccracken though. can't walk your sheep down main street here! sorry honey! i'm trying to find a nice big brick house with wood floors for ya! 3-5 lush green acres and some fruit trees will round out the picture. perhaps a pond or a stream too... time will tell, i need to be patient. that is proving to be difficult! i have a wonderful family and i miss them! hurry up gang! put a fire under that realtor! i'm harrassing mine! that's for sure. what else? i don't know. life is good, really. tomorrow will be a busy day. this weekend is the packer's home game! i'll be tailgating with the rest of the city! perhaps i'll take some pictures if i remember! then we'll come back home for kickoff at 3:15 cst. the waiting list for season tickets or whatever they are is said to be about 20 years as every child that is born is put on the list! packermania is very pervasive here! what fun! stay tuned!

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:-) take care, take care. So glad to hear more about life... love from KS!