Saturday, April 07, 2012

At Home

At Home by Snapshots by ©Nixy J Morales
At Home, a photo by Snapshots by ©Nixy J Morales on Flickr.

Mei Mei took this picture of my using my old EVO cellphone. I wish that she would take more pictures with the camera that I purchased for her! Perhaps in time she will. She is growing up so stinking fast! Almost 8 as I write this... Precious girl.

She will need braces & dental work soon! We had our 1st ortho appointment, using the same doctor that Dallas used since they already know us. The doctor is excited to have her as a patient, he sees lots of dollar signs! Kidding. We love that office, they are all great but Mei Mei will be needing years of dental work. I need to ask my mother for a little monetary assistance. Yikes. Life is good though! No complaints...

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Georgi said...

Hi! Cool blog. Yes it's true kids grow up fast.

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