Monday, December 05, 2005

Dallas in Casco

so we all went to our first Christmas concert! dallas was worried because, being the new guy, he didn't know the songs very well... yeah right! he sang his heart out! he loves to sing! he did quite well by us, that's fer sure! it seemed like all of the 7th and 8th graders were in the band, singing or otherwise involved in some music aspect. very nice kids! i love to listen to band! Mei Mei loved it too! she did not fuss one bit! the whole time that we were there, she just sat and danced, clapped and talked up a storm! what a riot! she sat and just stared at times in rapt attention then she would smile a huge beaming smile and sway or jump up and down on our laps. we all had so much fun! dallas was pumped afterwards too! he's such a turkey... you know, i saw two girls flirting with him too! he won't admit it but they would follow him with their eyes. he's so handsome! tall and sweet. get 'em big D! you're the man! he's still rather clueless to it all and that is fine with me! i'm very proud of him.

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:) said...

wish I could've been there. Love you guys!