Saturday, February 25, 2006

I'm back! lessee if i can upload a picture...

Tadaaaah! there we are! (Dallas took the picture!) this was in the Packer's pro shop where Mei Mei and Dallas just looove to go! like kids in a candy store but candy would be much cheaper! hmmm. right now, Kim is at work, Dallas is cleaning upstairs, Mei Mei is napping and I am cleaning downstairs! so much fun! The kids and I took a one hour trip today to see a couple of historic towns by lake Michigan, it was such a beautiful day! Dallas was supposed to have had a short recital with his classmates but we took a wrong turn and arrived too late. sorry gramps! no singing pictures! we went to Algoma and Kewaunee. we had a great time! Dallas brought his skates but we did not find a suitable area to iceskate. the wind was blowing around 20 mph so the windchill was hovering around zero today, we would not have lasted too long out there anyway! we had fun and now we are going to give mom a surprise by cleaning up around this dump! sheesh!
Anyone watching the Olympics? I absolutely love the winter olympics! The U.S. might not be doing so hot but we are still doing very well and having lots of fun too! anyone want to try their hand at 'skeleton'? woohooo! did you see the 52 (62?) y/o 'grandma luge'? what a riot! check out the Japanese skater Arakawa! wow. that Hughs girl? oh yeah. anyway, i stray away. don't miss the closing ceremonies Sunday night! yeah, yeah, I know that it's the survivor finale and that there is yet another Titanic special on the History channel but, hey, the Olympics come only every FOUR years! don't miss it!
I feel better now. i'll go finish my chores too. the barn needs some attention! catch you all later!

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laura leiker said...

GO CATS!!!!!

I miss you guy's sooo much. It was always nice to run into you two at work. I am glad your new lives are growing.