Sunday, October 22, 2006

Dallas in his football rags

Dallas in his football rags
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aaaaah the fall! i love it! best time of year! only if you live up north that is! my family in Florida? hot and sweaty still. yuck. my friends in Kansas? they don't quite get the change of colors that we do! temps are crazy too. sorry gang! come to Wisconsin and i'll show ya!!!

Dallas is doing great with his football stuff and looking forward to next year! wait. next year? HIGH SCHOOL??? yikes! zoiks! already? unbelievable. mei mei? yup. growing up just as fast! can we feed them a little less, perhaps? what a riot! they are both having a lot of fun during the fall! perhaps next year we can go fishing too! Dallas is itching to go fishing. i want to take the atv on a trail, kim can take a horse. lots of trails to hike on out here! camping too! crystal clear streams! so cool. i just came back an hour or so ago from hiking through the woods and i am exhausted! i love the woods...

right now we are watching Discovery ATLAS - Australia. anyone watching this series? this earth of ours is amazing. anyone up for travelling the globe? mei mei is a little tornado.

dad is doing SO MUCH BETTER! he's out of isolation too! his blood count is improving but he still has more chemo to go through. his arm is healing nicely too. after all of that is over, THEN his cardiologist can do his thing! he still needs to go through a heart cath to see whats up with his coronary arteries! i wish that i could be there for that! go dad! we're all praying for you!

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