Friday, April 20, 2007

Mei Mei learns the ways of the longbow!

spring is in the air! so beautiful... i was just out feeding the outside animals and i simply had to stop and take it all in! so amazingly beautiful! a lone airplane was sending contrails into the stratosphere, the moon was visible, geese were flying in their peculiar 'v' formations and the local dirt track was kicking into high gear!!!! such delicious sounds! the sun was setting in a brilliant display of red hues that was simply astounding! we all took a long walk to get some fresh spring air and exercise! mario came along too, of course. he's growing up so fast! just like the rest of our children! what fun! i love it!
so dad is doing pretty good! i text him a quick message everyday to make sure that he knows that i love him and that i am thinking of him! send him a picture every now and then too! perhaps he may not be able to talk due to being tired or his mouth is really sore but he can still read by golly! i love that man! just wanted to let you know...
my diet modification is going pretty good too. i plan on bringing my cholesterol from 240 down to at least 150 or less! i'll get retested in 3 months and i am really hopeful that the results will be on a downward trend! i am eating oatmeal in the morning instead of eggs, cheese and bacon! more veggies and fruit! less sugar and milk! more water! whatever it takes. too bad that my allergies don't respond to anything that i try though. i was born sneazing so i am not surprised! just kidding. it just seems like it sometimes. allergy shots are too cost prohibitive for me right now unfortunately. so is a chiropractor! yes, i actually went to one for a consultation. i must be desperate.

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