Thursday, June 05, 2008

blow Mei Mei! Blow!

blow Mei Mei! Blow!
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so Mei Mei turned FOUR today! can you believe it??? so awesome. it's been an event filled day, that's for sure! what? you ask? we got a call from her daycare because she had hives! hmm... not to worry, right? give her some benadryl and call us back. yup, we received another call alright! she was getting worse! belly pain and hot. call 911! damn! Kim and I immediately clocked out of work and waited for the squad to arrive in our ER! enroute, we learned that her breathing was never an issue... whew! so far so good! a tired Mei Mei arrived all strapped down to a big adult stretcher accompanied by 4 techs and her daycare director! way to go gang! kudos to the Luxemburg EMS and Roxanne! she was handed over and then checked out by the capable staff at St Vincent Hospital where she recieved several meds, one being in the thigh muscle. ouch. then we went to Applebees to eat! 4 hours later! by this evening she was doing just great and all about her birthday again so we celebrated with cake! yay! good times!

Dallas, at SIX foot THREE or so,is only 15... ouch.

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:) said...

wow! look at that precious 4 year old- I can't believe how tall Dallas is! Mei Mei's hair is so long- where'd that little spikey-haired baby go?!