Saturday, January 30, 2010

Out w/the Old, In w/the New

So I am finally retiring my old, holey (sp!) and tired Merrell's boots that I had purchased to go to China replaced them with a comfortable pair of Columbia hikers. I hope that they last as long! Time will tell...

Speaking of time, it's been a long time since I've posted anything here, has it not? Spending so much time on Twitter, Facebook & Flickr! Busy at work and home w/family life. The kids are growing so fast! This will be a good year, I can FEEL it!

My father passed away on December 27th at about 2 P.M. Christmas will now be forever linked to that event. Not a bad thing really! I can celebrate two lives! (dad & Jesus Christ - duh) Dad was not perfect, no one is, but he will be remembered fondly! Loved him dearly...

This year, my goal, in photography, is to expose more in RAW and process in Aperture. I finally received the book Aperture 2 by Long, Harrington & Luna so I hope to complete it this year! It comes w/a DVD for the lessons so it's easy to practice. So far so good!

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