Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday night 10-24-05

winter is arriving! i missed last weeks lunar eclipse, did you? i spent this weekend 'camping' in the northern part of wisconsin (see pictures) and i absolutely loved it! THIS is what i have wanted to do since i left michigan when i was 10! i miss kansas though! i love the trees, hills and streams better though, i think... we took some trails on the atv's and crossed streams, marshes, hills and campgrounds and i could not seem to keep my mouth closed! i was simply in awe at the grandour that i was witnessing! how can people love city life when sights like these abound? it was absolutely incredible! too bad that i left the camera while trail riding! the best pictures would have come from that sub 2 hour trek through the woods! the way that the sun hit the trees with the miriad of colors at sunset was astonishing. Tim and i stopped frequently to turn off the bikes and just take it all in... listening and watching, drinking in the beauty that was around us. no elk were heard though and that dissappointed me somewhat. we came across many deer in our path though! i can't wait to take Dallas fishing out here! i have not gone fishing seriously since i left michigan, partly because i stunk at it, but i will give it another try! it won't matter if i am 'good' at it or not! we will be having fun and enjoying nature! what could be better? i am pumped! bring it on baby! i'll try some ice-fishing too! perhaps if i meet someone that has snowmobiles i'll do that too! oh the possibilities... i may not be too happy yet at work (still screwing up w/that one doctor!) but my surroundings more than make up for it. wow. you have to be here to know what i am talking about! so come on up sometime! we'll make room fer ya! well, i'm gonna curl up with a cabela's catalog to do some research and then it's off to bed i go. g'nite all! (good morning, Leaf!)

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