Saturday, October 29, 2005

saturday morn...

i don't have any new pictures but i just wanted to say that Mei Mei now has about 8 teeth showing and has many new words added to her little baby repertoire! she loves to ask for 'more' with the cutest lilt/inflection to her voice! so adorable. she likes ducks and likes to imitate the 'quack quack' which sounds hilarious! she is growing and gaining weight appropriately and loves life and the outdoors big time! i know that she will love it out here! there are so many new sights, sounds, smells and THINGS! let's go explore this trail Mei Mei! let's check out this other stream! see the fish? FISH! she loves that word too! fsh... too funny. i bet that Dallas is AT LEAST an inch taller than me by now! very handsome too, you'll see!

well, i am going to listen to my new 12 Girls Band cd and read 'Thunderhead' by Preston and Childs. did i mention that they write really good books?! i can't get enough! check out the 12 Girls Band on their website and listen to some snippets of Asian sounds fused with modern music. i'll bet that ancient Chinese musicians never envisioned the erhu to sound like this! a pipa was never supposed to accompany a piano! synthesizers? sacrilege! not to these world renown musicians! neat stuff! check them out. thank you, Leaf, for the tip!

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