Monday, March 19, 2007

chugging along...

yup, that's what we are all doing... just chugging along on the river of life. Mei Mei is asking the eternal question: "WHY?". all day. everyday. constantly now. wow. Kim and I are making plans to replace the roof, fix the basement leaks and add A/C to the house. oh yes, rewire the house to modern specs too! you know, small cheap stuff. home equity stuff. value added stuff. i have a headache.

i'm trying to cook dinner, clean house (vacuum, sweep, p/u toys, etc), help Dallas w/homework all before Kim arrives in about half an hour. where's the 'EASY' button? i swear that i saw it somewhere... may have been the T.V. though. too bad.

our Afghan just pee'd and pooped in the house. gotta go.

i oughta write a book! instead i jot down my blogs. life is good.

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