Sunday, March 04, 2007

2nd in group! - puppy match

2nd in group! - puppy match
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so our computer is back in action and i can finally post again! we have been pretty busy, as usual, with family life, dog stuff and work. Dallas is in his spring break right now, i am on-call, mei mei is playing w/her play-doh, the horses are cavorting in the snow and our dogs are lounging inside. life is good! we are finally getting some snow! now we need a plow or some sort of snow moving equipment! good grief. i posted a few pictures of Mario and Kim in their first puppy match, check them out.

it seems like we are finally in the clear w/the whole identity theft thing! we can start saving! again! what a pain!

well, i am out of words! i've had so much to say but right now, well, i am at a loss... sorry gang! i'm going to check out my friends blogs instead! perhaps update myspace too. whatever. make a snowman! the snow is perfect!

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