Sunday, August 05, 2007

Dallas pushing Mei Mei

Dallas pushing Mei Mei
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this weekend we went to Door county again but this time we were there for a party! One of the physicians that i work for is turning 40 and his wife put on a surprise party for him which included his colleagues and families, my coworkers and families, his families friends and families... big shindig. oh yeah. we ALL had a great time! we went on a two hour river cruise and when we returned, had a trolley ride to his property which was very picturesque. the road was very scenic with its old homes and mature trees and the property that he owns is quaint, to say the least. there are three varieties of apple trees, there are grapes and raspberries too! the front half of the property was where the big tent was set up so the food could be served, the band could play and we all could sing, dance and eat to our delight. the little (octagonal) cottage was set back in the trees, not too far from the shore amidst the hardwoods. we were all immediately put at ease in that setting and the children gravitated to the rock pits which held white sand and plastic toys to play with. the other rock rings, which were fire rings, were stocked with plenty of wood for a great bonfire at sunset! mmmm.... loved it. Dallas and Mei Mei played hard! we all had a great time and as a result, this weekend went by entirely too fast. wow.

summer is going by too fast! dallas is headed to florida for awhile to visit friends and family and upon his return, promptly will begin high school. yikes. good times.

good night for now!

i am anxiously awaiting dad's visit next week!

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