Sunday, August 12, 2007

i remembered my password!

i'm such a dork. so i wrote it down in my little black book of passwords. duh.
of note, Dallas starts football practice tomorrow! as a FRESHMAN!!! what? why so fast? geez. have you seen how tall he is lately? i need to clean and start up our extra fridge now! ouch. we thought that he was eating a lot up till now.
Mei Mei is learning, in earnest now, to potty train. hates it! funny thing is that she'll go to her potty on her own, and then complain, rather loudly, I DON'T WANNA GO POTTY!!! so funny! she's getting the hang of it though. cracks me up.
dad will be here tonight! Him and Migdalia, but not Sylvi. she's busy starting up this next semester of college and work. dad's doing well so far and i'm glad that i took the day off tomorrow! why did i take the day off? kim and i celebrate another anniversary! woohooo! what is that now? seven years? mhmm. 7. good times folks! good times. Dallas will go to Florida for a week at the end of this week to visit friends and grandparents. the dynamics of the family change quite a bit when one of us is gone. feels weird. he'll have fun though and it'll be good before he starts highschool.
oops, mei mei just pee pee'd. gotta go clean her up.
c ya

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Idiota E. Stupido said...'re funny Nixy. I'm glad to see that everything is going so well for you and Kim and Dallas and Mei Mei and the rest of the bunch. My girl and I are doing good, but there are still things to work out as far as her kids and her ex. She's been really strong during these times, but she still has times when not having her kids around gets to her. I try to comfort her as much as possible, but it's not easy. For the most part we're doing well though.
I saw the damage to the HHR from that mutant! wow. That's NUTS.
Anywayz...I gotta run. Just thought I'd stop by and say YO.

-David (in Orlando)